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Heattreatment plants and furnaces - second hand

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The Company ASC GmbH was established in 1987. ASC deals exclusively since more than 20 years with second hand heat treatment furnaces. We are buying, selling or commissioning furnaces of all brands. In our warehouse we have at present a wide choice of furnaces of well known furnace manufactures. As example please see below brands an types of furnaces available at present:


Ipsen TQF-7-GRM, sealed quench furnace line
Ipsen VTC-524-R, Vacuum-Hardening Furnace
Ipsen DAC-10-GRR, Tempering chamber furnaces
IVA Tempering chamber furnaces with rapid cooling
Solo Conveyerbelt brazing furnace line, Type 323-60-600 SP
Aichelin Chamber annealing furnaces, Type DLE 160/160/160
Mahler Conveyerbelt brazing furnace, Type DLEO 200/150/2000GE
Degussa sealed quench furnace line Type GKUQrg 70/65/110
Degussa Vacuumfurnace, brazing/annealing VKUmo120/120/120
Cremer Conveyerbelt hardening furnace, Type CBH-150-95/g
Naber belltype tempering furnace, Type HAS 1850

Please do not hesitate to contact FOUNDRY PLANET, if you are looking for a second hand heat treatment furnace.



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