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Hewitt Robins Supply World’s Biggest Shakeout

Hewitt Robins International Ltd have recently supplied a 2EV-13 7.0m x 4.0m Extra Heavy Duty Non-Discharging Shakeout, capable of handling a total deck load of 160 Tons, to a foundry in Europe where they have been using Hewitt Robins Shakeouts for over 25 years.

The new shakeout was designed to replace a 30-year-old Hewitt Robins Shakeout, which had had a combined deck load of 80 Tons, giving the customer double the capacity and enabling them to increase the size and weight of their castings to continue to be the world's leading producers of wind turbine hubs and base frame castings.

The Shakeout consists of a fabricated frame, topped by a 50mm thick, welded mild steel deck plate with square 40mm x 40mm apertures. The side curbs are welded around the deck plate and square mild steel skid bars are welded to the top of the deck plate to raise load above deck for maximum sand through-put and minimum deck wear. The proven, heavy-duty design utilizes Hewitt Robins’ 70 years of experience in manufacturing foundry shakeouts, giving the customers reliable equipment with uninterrupted production.

The vibrating mechanism for each shakeout has four shafts and is supplied with 110kw electric motors. The motors are driven by a V-belt & Cardan shaft drive with pillow blocks, and the shakeouts have rubber friction check assemblies to reduce bounce on start up and stop. In order to handle the 160 Ton deck load, the shakeout sits on 80 main springs, half of which incorporate internal booster springs.

Hewitt Robins also supplied the shakeout with heavy duty side skirts to prevent spillage of material into the customer’s pit.

The Hewitt Robins 2EV-13 7.0m x 4.0m Extra Heavy Duty Non-Discharging Shakeout has now been in operation for over 12 months and, with Hewitt Robins’ excellent reliability and customer support, they expect to supply two further shakeouts to the same customer in 2018.

Hewitt Robins International Ltd have been setting the standard in foundry equipment for over 70 years and are constantly developing their product range. Hewitt Robins currently offers non-discharging shakeouts, discharging shakeouts, vibrating conveyors, and foundry feeders.

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