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Hexagon Metrology Services, Ltd. New sensor for the Leitz Reference

The LSP-X1h sensor reaches every feature of a part.

Leitz Reference Xi with LSP-X1h

A new sensor is available for the Leitz Reference series of coordinate measuring machines in the form of the LSP-X1h. It accepts extremely long styli: capable of accommodating styli lengths of 20 to 225 mm in the axial orientation and up to 50 mm in the lateral orientation. The maximum stylus weight is 33 g. The sensor attaches to the TESASTAR-m indexable articulated probe heads. Thanks to the articulated probe heads, long styli and a small external diameter, the LSP-X1h reaches every feature on the part. The LSP-X1h is compatible with the latest Leitz coordinate measuring machines: the Leitz Reference Xi and Leitz Reference XT.

Like all the other Leitz probe heads, the LSP-X1h combines different measuring technologies in one sensor: single point probing and self-centering measuring are just as possible as high-precision, high-speed scanning for rapid, very accurate form and contour measurements on parts. When Leitz 3D probe systems are used to inspect a part, they measure simultaneously in the X, Y and Z directions and automatically perpendicular to the part surface. The deflection of the styli is calculated and taken into account by the measuring software.


The Leitz brand as part of Hexagon Metrology stands for high accuracy coordinate measuring machines, gear inspection centers and probes. Leitz measurement systems master quality assurance tasks equally well both in metrology labs as well as on the shop floor. The development and production are located in Wetzlar, Germany. For more than 30 years Leitz has been offering its customers the best innovative measurement technology available. The primary goal remains offering modern solutions for demanding measurement tasks.



Hexagon Metrology

Hexagon Metrology is part of the Hexagon AB Group and includes leading metrology brands such as Brown & Sharpe, Cognitens, DEA, Leica Geosystems (Metrology Division), Leitz, m&h Inprocess Messtechnik, Optiv, PC-DMIS, QUINDOS, ROMER and TESA. Hexagon Metrology brands represent an unrivaled global installed base of millions of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), portable measuring systems and handheld instruments, and tens of thousands of metrology software licenses. Hexagon Metrology empowers its customers to fully control manufacturing processes that rely on dimensional precision, ensuring that products manufactured precisely conform to the original product design. The

company offering of machines, systems and software is complemented by a wide range of product support, aftermarket and value-added services.

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