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High Spirits at parts2clean Anniversary Event

Unparalleled Quality – Outstanding Leads, Concrete Projects and Contract Conclusions

4388 visitors from 39 countries travelled to Stuttgart for the 10th parts2clean from the 23rd through the 25th of October, 2012. The expert visitors brought concrete tasks along with them, which provided the 230 exhibitors with excellent leads, qualified project RFQs and contract conclusions. With 1765 visitors, the parts2clean expert forum, held for the first time in both German and English, drew participants in record breaking numbers.

Opens external link in new windowparts2clean 2012 went well for us, and we were able to establish lots of interesting new contacts. The visitors came to our booth with concrete cleaning problems and were well prepared, allowing us to get into the details without delay in a targeted fashion and work out appropriate offers. As a result, we’re very satisfied with our trade fair appearance”, sums up Matthias Fallert, key account manager at Alfred Kärcher Vertriebs-GmbH. But this isn’t the only exhibitor who was pleased with the way things went at the 10th parts2clean – nearly all of the 230 participating companies from 16 countries were satisfied. 19% of the exhibitors came from outside of Germany, which is 3% more than last year.

Procurement Platform for Industrial Cleaning Technology
Reduced visitor numbers, down by 8% as compared with record participation in 2011, didn’t diminish the good mood. This was assured by the top quality of the 4388 expert visitors from 39 countries, 21% of whom came from outside of Germany. Just under 65% visited the leading international trade fair for the first time this year. About 86% of the visitors are involved in company decision-making processes and roughly one fourth came to parts2clean with the intention of placing orders or preparing for investment decisions. And these intentions were in fact realised, as reported by Karina Mack, managing director of Adunatec GmbH: “We sold a cleaning system directly at our booth without any previous meetings at the customer’ facility or at our plant, or any cleaning tests. But that’s not the only reason that parts2clean was a complete success for us: we were also able to field solid leads and hold interesting meetings.

Miguel Sabio, export manager at Tierra Tech S.L. in Spain, also reports successful participation at the trade fair: “This is not a trade fair with extremely large numbers of visitors, but it’s nevertheless a very interesting event. Visitors from a great variety of industry sectors come looking for solutions to special cleaning tasks. We’ve been able to establish good contacts here, and present our products successfully. I’m convinced that our second appearance at parts2clean will also pay off.” Bernd Stelzer, sale manager for industrial cleaning at Kögel GmbH, has a similar view: “In my opinion, the quality of the visitors is even better than it was last year. We’ve had extremely good discussions once again this year. We’ll exhibit again in 2013, because parts2clean is truly the leading trade fair for industrial parts cleaning.” Chuck Sexton, sales manager for industrial products at US cleaning agent manufacturer Kyzen, is convinced of this as well: “parts2clean is our platform for presenting products in Europe. Once again this year, we’ve been able to establish very strong contacts with visitors from the automotive and railway industries, from medical engineering, remanufacturing, the electronics industry and other sectors as well – and not just with companies from Germany, but rather from Poland, Italy, Turkey and even the USA as well. Aside from this, parts2clean allows for good networking with system manufacturers and producers of machining media such as cutting fluids and cooling lubricants.” “Of course our primary goals for trade fair participation are maintaining relations with existing customers and gaining new ones. Beyond this, it’s important for us to see what’s happening within the industry and to coordinate our efforts with colleagues and partners”, agrees Alexander Nix, authorised signatory and director of surface finishing at Stockmeier Chemie GmbH & Co.

Ideal for Market Observation and an Exchange of Experience
This is also what manufacturers of system components such as ultrasound generators and pumps like so much about the leading trade fair: “parts2clean isn’t just a trade fair, it’s a network. You have the opportunity of meeting here with numerous partners, exchanging ideas and supporting each other mutually. We took advantage of this successfully this year, and met with companies from Germany, elsewhere in Europe, Malaysia and India”, reports Nathalie Etienne, director of marketing and communication at Weber Ultrasonics GmbH.

As a result of discussions with visitors, trends in industrial cleaning technology also became apparent. For example, more and more emphasis is being placed on the issues of residual contamination and the evaluation of targeted cleanliness. In addition to controlling particulate cleanliness, the monitoring of film-like residual contamination is also becoming more and more significant in this respect. User requirements are headed towards automated cleanliness inspection in this area. “We presented a solution for inline cleanliness inspection in accordance with VDA 19 at parts2clean, which met with great interest”, reports Gaudenz Groén from marketing at Dürr Ecoclean GmbH. A further trend towards increasing interest in cleaning with solvents is becoming apparent as well. “A solvent renaissance appears to be taking place in many applications which demand high quality, precision cleaning”, concludes Steffen Säcker, business manager at Safechem Europe GmbH.

Record Breaking Participant Numbers at parts2clean Expert Forum
The parts2clean expert forum was also a crowd puller, at which presentations were simultaneously interpreted (German/English) for the first time this year. With 1765 participants, more visitors took advantage of this source of information during the three days of the 10th parts2clean than ever before, in order to expand their knowledge covering all aspects of industrial parts and surface cleaning, process engineering and cleanliness inspection, as well as bath monitoring and maintenance.
The next parts2clean will take place at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre (Germany) from the 22nd through the 24th of October, 2013. Opens external link in new

Further Exhibitor Statements

Walter Mück, marketing, Pero AG
“Due to the current economic situation which is once again causing companies to be more reticent with their investment plans on the one hand, and because of scheduling conflicts with other trade fairs on the other hand, it was difficult to assess how things would go at this year’s parts2clean. But we’re quite satisfied with our participation and will be on hand again next year at parts2clean.”

Volker Burger, managing director, CleanControlling GmbH
“We had more both personnel this year, which turned out to be a good idea, because we were able to establish lots of new leads and hold interesting meetings. It was a very successful trade fair for us. This is not least due to the parts2clean trade fair concept, which makes it possible for visitors to gather information covering the entire process sequence in a concentrated manner.”

Thomas Daiber, authorised signatory, LPW Reinigungssysteme GmbH
“There were perhaps somewhat fewer visitors at our booth than last year. But thanks to well-founded discussions, as well as interesting projects presented to us be the visitors, our appearance at the trade fair has paid off at any rate.”

Bernd Reinacher, sales manager, Dr.-Ing. K. Busch GmbH
“We’re very satisfied with our participation at the trade. As a pump manufacturer, we’re more of a service provider for our customers here at the event, namely the system manufacturers. We’re able to disseminate information here very efficiently and take advantage of parts2clean to maintain customer relations.”

Hans-Jörg Wössner, chief representative, acp – advanced clean production GmbH
“We’re excited about all of the RFQs involving interesting projects, which the visitors approached us with at the trade fair. Tasks came from the fields of precision engineering, medical technology, micro-technology and mechatronics, as well as cleaning prior to coating and painting. We also have the feeling that the quality of leads which result in business deals has become even better.”

Carina Dürrwang, product management for automatic filters, Mahle Industriefiltration GmbH
“Trade fairs which are as highly specialised as parts2clean always involve personalised tasks. The visitors come with highly concrete applications or problems, for which they’re seeking solutions. Micro-cleaning is one of the issues. This year we were not only able to advise users from Germany in this respect, but rather from Austria, Italy, Japan and other countries as well.”

Hannelore Bloss, sales, Arcotest GmbH
“parts2clean 2012 was even better than the event in 2011. We were able to pick up lots of new customers from a wide variety of industry sectors, for example optics, medical engineering, plastics processing, metalworking and the automotive industry. And we’re maintaining good business relations with customers we gained at the trade fair in previous years, who order our test inks on a regular basis. Nowadays, companies often have to document achieved levels of cleanliness, and this is very easy with our test inks.”

Bettina Love, assistant to the COO, SurTec International GmbH
“Once again, parts2clean was a success. It was conspicuous that there were more exhibitors from outside of Germany than has been the case in previous years. Discussions often involved products which allow for quick and efficient pretreatment. And this boils down to multicomponent products instead of numerous zones, by means of which the specified surface quality can be achieved, so to speak, in one fell swoop.”

Uwe Daum, sales and project management, Gerätebau Felix Schulte GmbH & Co. KG
“We manufacture automated and manual systems, as well as individual workstations, for crack detection. As a result, we also deal with intermediate and final cleaning processes, for which we’re receiving more and more RFQs. As a result, we decided to present our products at parts2clean. We’ve been surprised at the large number of constructive meetings at which we’ve arrived at solutions. Consequently, we’re more than satisfied with our first appearance at parts2clean.”

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