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Hofmann Ceramics: Innovative foundry ceramics at GIFA

In-house tool manufacturing ensures flexible solutions and top quality

Breitscheid, May 2007 – Hofmann Ceramic GmbH, a company with a seventy-year history of success, is once again showcasing its internationally renowned ceramic products for foundry technology at this year’s GIFA in Düsseldorf. Hofmann Ceramic products boast true “Made in Germany” quality – this is primarily because the company has kept full ownership of core development skills, production and its unique processes. For example, hard-wearing ceramic round-hole filters are manufactured in a unique, patented dry pressing procedure developed specially for foundry applications. They ensure flow rates are absolutely precise, thus delivering a homogeneous casting process with the lowest possible rejection rates and therefore high levels of productivity.

“Technical ceramics are indispensable for maximising casting quality and minimising rejection rates,” explains Thorsten Reuther, Technical Manager at Hofmann Ceramic. “Our ceramic filters ensure castings are much stronger and also reduce tool wear during subsequent processing stages, thereby cutting costs.” 

The outstanding quality and stability of Hofmann Ceramic filters encourage laminar flow during casting and keep non-metallic inclusions to a minimum. These extraordinary, dry-pressed ceramic round-hole filters have already proven their reliability for large castings weighing up to 50 t and are available direct from stock in all popular formats and for all markets. The company’s globally standardised processes, recipes and quality assurance procedures ensure its international customer base can always rely on the very highest standards in product quality. 

To meet customer requirements and provide the right products to suit the relevant foundry technology, Hofmann Ceramic also supplies foam ceramic filters and extruded cell filters to quality standards that have been tried and tested many millions of times in practice. Strainer cores can also be used to help easily adjust pouring rates to the desired casting parameters. 

Yet another speciality in this supplier’s portfolio is the unique EXHOF-L feeder, which boasts an innovative geometry and covers all application areas in just a few dimensions. The low installation height of the EXHOF-L feeder coupled with its low fluorine content and highly exothermic properties make it ideal for all moulding plants. The EXHOF-L feeder, like many of the innovative products and production processes at Hofmann Ceramic, is protected by international intellectual property rights. 

When it comes to cooling heat centres on cast parts without feeder and with pinpoint accuracy, Hofmann Ceramic has the right solution – silicon-carbide chill-plates. A more limited chill effect than graphite and cast iron moulds produces lower levels of surface hardness, thereby resulting in lower processing costs and a shrinkage-free, even structure. 

Comprehensive range of casting accessories

Hofmann Ceramic is a one-stop supplier of casting technology and, as a result, the company’s product portfolio also encompasses ceramic parts for investment casting. Alongside standard series products, Hofmann Ceramic also develops and manufactures parts like these in line with specific customer requirements – a major benefit of operating in-house development and flexible manufacturing processes.

Rounding off the product range Hofmann Ceramic is presenting at GIFA are refractory parts and ceramic-coated tools for the aluminium industry.



Hofmann Rundlochfilter: Incredibly hard-wearing ceramic round-hole filters from Hofmann Ceramic are manufactured using a unique dry pressing procedure developed specially for casting applications. This ensures precise calibration of the flow rate for highly homogeneous casting processes with minimal rejection rates and high productivity levels.

Hofmann Ceramic

Hofmann Ceramic GmbH has been developing and manufacturing innovative technical ceramic solutions for a broad range of applications in small workshops, small and medium-sized enterprises and industrial corporations since 1937.

One of the company’s key manufacturing areas is in technical ceramics for the foundry industry. Hofmann Ceramic also supplies the wire and cable industry with high-quality wear-resistant parts made from oxide ceramic. The third section of the company’s product portfolio comprises refractory heavy-duty ceramics for all types of oven construction. As our company thrives on comprehensive ceramics know-how and a long-established passion for this field, we founded a workshop in 1978 to manufacture high-quality tiled stoves for the domestic market under the brand name ERDBACHER KACHELÖFEN.

Hofmann Ceramic is a family company that places equal value on flexibility, fast availability and consistent quality standards on the one hand, and the ongoing improvement and development of products and solutions to suit changing market demands on the other. The company has DIN EN ISO 9001 certification.

Hofmann Ceramic works tirelessly to optimise its ceramic products, continuously investing in research and development. Hofmann Ceramic also maintains close contact with research institutes and universities. The future of Hofmann Ceramic is rooted in innovation. Based at Hofmann Ceramic GmbH headquarters in Breitscheid, Germany, the company has also developed into an internationally renowned, innovative market force with a reputation for implementing the highest standards in quality and customer satisfaction.

In total, Hofmann Ceramic employs over 150 staff. The company has manufacturing bases in Breitscheid (Hesse), Ohio (USA) and Bela nad Radbuzou (Czech Republic). Hofmann Ceramic is active on all five continents through its own subsidiaries and long-established sales partners.

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