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HotRod™ sheaths from Morgan Molten Metal Systems offer superior thermocouple protection and easy installation

Durable assemblies allow fast, accurate temperature readings in molten metal applications

Morgan’s Molten Metal Systems business announces its HotRod™ pyrometry sheaths and other pyrometer assembly products, which protect thermocouples in furnace heating control systems. Industry proven for over 30 years, the pyrometer assemblies are made of a durable, erosion-resistant clay-graphite mix with special plasticity properties, which is then extruded into the proper shape.

The pryometer assemblies are designed to have a metal wire inserted into them, and are then put into a metal bath to measure the temperature. HotRod sheaths are designed for used in furnaces and other high temperature environments, and are supplied with a ½” (12.7mm) threaded steel tube for quick and easy attachment to the furnace pyrometry system.

The pyrometer assemblies are durable, with a glaze on the ceramic exterior that protects the product from oxidation, thereby reducing downtime. These assemblies offer effective thermocouple protection with high thermal conductivity for fast, accurate temperature readings and reduced fuel consumption. Single pyrotubes are heat resistant to 1600C, while the HotRod sheaths with inner steel tubes are resistant to 1000C and are typically used for aluminum applications. HotRod products require no special tools for installation.

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