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How to deal with the weak phenomenon of die-casting industry – china 12PSB Test Bench

It is reported and pointed out that China’s sustained economic development for the die-casting industry a huge space for development. Since the 2006 die-casting production exceeded one million tons, the 2007 die-casting production reached the country of 119 million tons, an increase of 16%. But the die-casting industries also affected by many factors from home and abroad, it is worth casting our business units and related departments careful analysis and understanding of, and to take positive measures to cope with adverse effects, in order to meet the increasingly fierce market competition .

In the die casting market share in the auto industry was dominant, such as: the United States more than 70% of the die-casting parts for the automotive industry; Japan accounted for 79%; China has 65% of the die-casting parts for the automotive and motorcycle. There is such a huge share of the automotive industry, signifying its market share position in the die-casting important. The development of the automotive market, particularly in the development of cars, a tremendous impact on the die-casting industry.

Two main reasons:

1, the U.S. sub-prime mortgage crisis has caused a decrease in demand cars;

2, the production costs have continued to improve, corporate profit margins shrink.

In response to these two reasons, Mr. Su Shifang put forward the following countermeasures:

1, technological innovation, optimizing the structure

(1) Increase research and development of new materials, development of high strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, creep properties of high performance magnesium alloys, and high toughness, high ductility aluminum alloy, to improve process performance materials, open up die-casting application of new approaches;

(2) the scientific selection of mold materials, application of surface treatment technology to improve the level of mold design, processing accuracy and service life, reduce maintenance time and cost of mold and improve the processing and use of die economy;

(3) In the die casting process design process, extensive use of computer application technology to improve the process design level, shorten product development cycles, improve product grade;

(4) Development of a vacuum die-casting technology;

(5) development to meet the production needs of large die-casting equipment and mold manufacturing technology;

(6) and optimize the product structure, and increase added value and competitiveness.

2, seize the unique opportunity to

(1) to seize market opportunities;

(2) seize the vehicle lightweight opportunities.

In addition to the automobile industry, other applications, such as motorcycles, telecommunications, IT, construction, hardware and so on for the die-casting industry with a broad space for development.

Energy-saving emission reduction for our die-casting industry, which provides an opportunity for development, the supplier should make more efficient, energy saving, environmental protection equipment development efforts.

3, reduce costs and improve profit margins

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