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Husum WindEnergy 2010

Leading international trade fair draws to an end with increased attendance numbers

  • Wind energy industry calls for acceptance campaign for expansion of infra-structure
  • HUSUM WindEnergy: Clear expression of the strength of the wind industry
  • 13th HUSUM WindEnergy in 2012 almost fully booked
  • Leading international trade fair draws to an end with increased attendance numbers
  • Best prospects for Wind 2011

The leading international trade fair for the wind industry, HUSUM Windenergy, draws to an end at the weekend with a call for an acceptance campaign for the expansion of the infrastructure for the electricity grid in Germany. One day before the end of the five-day product showcase for 971 exhibitors trade fair managing director Hanno Fecke believes that the expected number of 30,000 visitors “will yet be slightly exceeded. This means that not only has the number of exhibitors risen by 30 percent compared with 2008, but also the number of visitors”.

But this is not the most important signal sent by this year’s HUSUM WindEnergy. It is impor-tant for the balance sheet of Messe Husum, which is a private company. “Much more important however is the message that the wind industry feels strong enough to be able to master the great challenges posed onshore and offshore in a highly professional manner”. Looking to the future, Fecke said: HUSUM WindEnergy 2012 is almost fully booked. Over 95% of the exhibitors have already reserved their exhibition space for the anniversary event in 2014.

HUSUM WindEnergy is the most important specialist trade fair for the wind industry in the world. In this respect, the debate about the (German government’s) energy concept “has of course played a role, but the emphasis of the discussions was mainly about new projects or innovative technological developments”. He was also able to observe how the discussion in-creasingly turned to the subject of infrastructure as the exhibition continued. “In my opinion this is also necessary, because the German industry needs the German shop window: Prod-ucts are only bought where they are used”.

Fecke’s opinion was confirmed by Andreas Eichler, spokesman of the manufacturer and component supplier advisory board to the German wind Energy Association, BWE: “To continue the success story of the German wind industry, it is essential that the German elec-tricity grid is modernised, made more flexible, and expanded. This is why the grid expansion and the necessary public acceptance are tackled systematically.”

This was also the view of Dr. Peter Ahmels, head of the renewable energy department at German Environmental Aid, DUH. He said that “The expansion of the grid will only succeed if local people are convinced that grid expansion is necessary. And renewable energy is a  credible reason. Transparent planning and the involvement of the residents in the affected regions are indispensable, their concerns must be taken seriously, because they are person-ally affected. Minimum distances and(partial) underground cabling can greatly contribute to gaining acceptance. Grid expansion will only come in time for the expansion of renewable energy use if there acceptance at local level.”

"The radical expansion and conversion of the power grid is not just a national, but also a European task, and for this there must be a clear guiding vision. The grid expansion strategy must be orientated towards achieving 100% supply from renewable energy sources, by 2050 at the latest“, emphasised Reinhard Bütikofer, MEP, deputy political group chairman of the Die Grünen/European Free Alliance in the European Parliament. “I am convinced that the approval of the citizens for grid expansion measures can hardly be achieved in the time available without such a sustainable goal. Secondly, the expansion of the grid requires the highest level of transparency. Thirdly, the development of renewable energy must also be taken into account when planning long-term goals, as must be increasing energy efficiency and energy saving. This does not allow any grid expansion which is solely undertaken on the basis of private sector calculations; on the contrary, member states and the European Union must ensure that grid expansion is in the public good.”

The leading international wind industry trade fair was held in co-operation with Hamburg Messe und Congress (HMC) for the second time. Peter Bergleiter, project manager at HMC, said: "One of the things we bring into the cooperation with Messe Husum is our interna-tional expertise and a large network of representatives abroad. This is why we find it particu-larly positive that our joint efforts to further expand internationalisation of Husum WindEnergy have been so successful." Furthermore, the growth in exhibitor and visitor numbers clearly shows how great the need is for an international trade fair that is specialised solely on the wind industry, continued Bergleiter.

Oliver Frese, project manager of the leading energy trade fairs at HANNOVER MESSE outlined the current status of the preparations for Wind 2011. For the second time HAN-NOVER MESSE is about to start with the leading international trade fair, WIND. Even at this early stage there are signs that the successful first event in 2009 will be significantly outdone. Particularly the world’s leading turbine manufacturers have already booked at this early stage. “This will make WIND in Hannover the international meeting place for the wind energy indus-try“, said Frese.

“In our initial year there was a total of 155 exhibitors over 7,000 square metres, so now we are aiming to achieve more than 12,000 square metres net exhibition space. So WIND is thus well on the way to establishing itself as a powerful locomotive in the context of the energy trade fairs held under the HANNOVER MESSE brand“.

Frese emphasised that “The industry solution for the wind trade fair market in Germany agreed in 2007 is successful. Husum is the meeting place for the wind industry. Hannover offers exhibitors the opportunity to show themselves in the context of the overall energy mix and to come together with international policy makers, investors and disseminators from the fields of politics and business”.

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