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Ice-cold complete solution for Cromodora Wheels in Czech Republic

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ASCOJET dry ice blasting technology and Messer-Gases for wheel manufacturer

Czech light metal foundry Cromodora Wheels applies the ASCOJET dry ice blasting technology for mould cleaning.

Cromodora Wheels produces light metal wheels, for example for BMW, Daimler and Fiat. For the mould cleaning process it is important to have an efficient yet gentle procedure not damaging the moulds. After long examinations Czech Cromodora Wheels decided for the ASCOJET dry ice blasting technology of Swiss ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD and now uses the dry ice blasting machine ASCOJET 1701. A further advantage of cleaning with dry ice is that the cleaning can be done directly on the hot moulds without dismantling and that it causes no secondary waste.

To reach a maximum of quality and flexibility in the daily work process Cromodora Wheels decided for an in-house dry ice production so Messer Technogas installed an ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer A120P at the customer’s facilities and delivers the liquid CO2, from which dry ice is produced. This way the foundry has always freshly produced dry ice at disposal and profits from faster cleaning results and shorter production standstills, because: the fresher the dry ice, the more efficient the cleaning. In addition, Messer Technogas supplies Cromodora Wheels on an exclusive basis with further gases like helium and nitrogen.

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