Iconic American Motorcycle Company Purchases Godfrey & Wing CFi System

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Godfrey & Wing, has received a contract from an iconic American motorcycle and lifestyle company to supply a Continuous Flow impregnation (CFi) system. The CFi is an automated single-piece flow impregnation system that incorporates Godfrey & Wing’s patented Dry Vacuum & Pressure (DVP) impregnation process. Starting in 2020, the CFi system will seal die casting crankcases in the company’s Wisconsin facility.

The CFi system includes the most advanced porosity sealing technology available with the capability of processing 40 cycles per hour. The system’s robotic automation provides repeatable processing without labor and minimal maintenance. The system’s small footprint and modular construction allows the OEM to integrate vacuum impregnation directly into production. This integration allows for single part flow throughout the manufacturing process.

The DVP process will help the company maximize its production of pressure-tight castings. By pushing the sealant deep into the part’s micro porosity, the process offers superior sealing results. The CFi can recover over 99% of porous castings.

The contract also includes Godfrey & Wing’s technical support and an ongoing supply of 95-1000AA recoverable sealant. The use of recoverable sealant improves part sealing, maintains purity of the impregnation process, and eliminates risk of sealant contamination. The sealant is approved by certified by the U.S. Department of Defense and specified by OEM’s worldwide.