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IN - Inferior steel hits construction industry in Sri Lanka

Sunday Observer reported that the construction industry in Sri Lanka is in a serious crisis due to the proliferation of sub standard steel which has jeopardized the country’s reputation for solid construction.

Industry experts said that the construction industry is in a serious crisis today due to the steel mafia which has spread its tentacles across the industry resulting in inferior construction.

The mafia in the cement and steel industry has rocked the construction sector with rise in concerns on the quality of construction. The construction sector is one of the main beneficiaries of peace in the country.

According to industry experts the steel industry will not be able to reap the full dividends of peace by compromising on standards. Experts cautioned that the country will not be able to woo foreign investors and accelerate development with the decline in construction standards.

Mr Dakshitha Thalagodapitiya secretary general of Chamber of Construction Industries said that there is a large number of steel manufacturers who use scrap metal with billets to manufacture iron rods and added that the SLSI should conduct regular checks to bring culprits to book.

He said that “The use of inferior steel rods for construction can be disastrous for constructions. The chamber has urged authorities to increase the number of raids and minimize the damage to the construction industry by the proliferation of sub standard steel products.”

The Consumer Affairs Authority seized a stock of sub standard steel rods from an Indian steel manufacturing company in Madampe, Chilaw. Around 110 tonnes of steel bars worth around LKR 10 million were seized during the raid. The stock did not comply with the steel rod standard of SLS 375. The company was fined LKR 25,000 by Courts.

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