Independence from gas market developments with electrosintering

ABP can convert induction crucible furnaces in foundries


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The topics of energy market development and decarbonization are currently significantly affecting our industry. Rising energy costs, uncertainty about gas supplies, and the pressure to save as much CO2 as possible – these are all aspects that are currently on the agenda of every foundry.

At ABP, we have the answers. As a leading supplier of induction furnace technology, we can quickly help. Strategic in planning, for example when it comes to replacing cupolas with induction furnaces, with short-term measures as we help convert crucible induction furnaces to electro sinter forging, and prospectively when it comes to the complete digitalization of melting operations.

Our company has these important skills to face the challenges of the present and the future. Take advantage of them – we are here for you!

With best regards and Glück auf! Till Schreiter, CEO

The energy market is under severe pressure: The uncertainty in the supply of gas has prompted the German government to activate the second stage of the gas contingency plan. As a result, the prices for gas and other energy sources are rising relentlessly – both of these aspects make reliable planning of daily foundry operations much more problematic. ABP Induction can provide foundry operators with its own technical know-how to help them in this situation: Crucible induction furnaces in foundries can be converted so that gas is no longer required for presintering, as this important work step is carried out using electricity as a source of energy.

Foundries that have opted for induction furnaces from ABP have already taken the first right step towards sustainable and CO2-reduced production. The concept of inductive heating of metals using electric current can now be completed by the use of electrosintering. With this conversion, gas as a source of energy can be further minimized. The sintering stencil is heated electrically instead of using gas. Ongoing production is not affected by the changeover, so there are no long system downtimes. When the furnace is relined in the foundry, the conversion can be carried out by the ABP experts during this process. As a result, electricity is used for sintering instead of gas – the plant operator is no longer dependent on further developments on the gas market, both in terms of price as well as the availability of gas.

Foundry operators interested in converting from gas to electrosintering at their own facility can contact ABP Induction’s service team directly. Just send an email to and the team will get back to you with more information.


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