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Inspection of the ASCOJET dry ice jet plant in operation

Daimler Chrysler’s foundry in Mettingen


December 2005
Dept. Foundry / cylinder head production NGV 

ASCOJET-dry-ice cleaning system

Participants to the meeting on 1st of Dec.  2005 in Mettingen:

Team leader, producton cylinder heads NGV – DAIMLER CHRYSLER AG
Mr Marco Pellegrino – head  dry ice jets ASCO KOHLENSAEURE AG
Mr Alexander Mayerhofer – Fritsch Mediaservice, (Advertising Giesserei-Praxis, Druckgusspraxis )
Ms Barbara Haid Fritsch - FOUNDRY PLANET LTD.

Daimler Chrysler’s foundry in Mettingen is among the largest light metal foundries in Europe.

Various casting implements in the cylinder head production have an annual output of around 2.000.000 cylinder heads in different versions.

To guarantee a smoothly running production process, not only specially developped automation is required, also cleaning of molding boxes has to be optimally incorporated.

Daimler Chrysler went for the CO² - system provider Asco Kohlensaeure AG. Since starting in 1992/1993 (initial experiments were made with bought dry ice) in a continuous joint process development, more than 20 dry ice blasting systems are in use.

Approx. 1000 tons of dry ice are required in the light metal-foundry of Chrysler Daimler during a year. The  Ascojet System  is securing this requirement, is also securing the continous working with fresh dry ice
(shorten the cleaning process of molds by nearly 50 %), is  improving working conditions, the own dry ice manufacturing cuts cost and simplifies dispositions.

Molds cleaned with dry ice do not cool down siginificantly due to the fast cleaning procedure, as a result, production process is  not interrupted, and wear of molds is much less than when cleaning by conventional abrasive methods.

In-house dry ice production was reorganized and has become a profit-center,  6 employees are producing dry-ice for the mold cleaning in the light metal foundry, grey iron foundry, shaft-production and testing purposes.

Daimler Chrysler’s arguments  for the decision in favour of  Asco Kohlensaeure AG are

-          Professionalism and service

-          Mutual trust

-          realization of inputs

-          Advantages of a system providor


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