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Int'l Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Materials Show 2010


Society of China Automotive Engineering 
Shanghai forever exhibition Co., ltd    
Shanghai Modern Int’l Exhibition Co., ltd 
China auto manufacturing equipment innovation Union
Automobile Industry Research Institute

Organising Partner:

Shanghai Automotive Trade Association       
China Association of Machinery Manufacturing Technology
Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineers     

Supporters (parts):

AMT Shanghai Technology and Service Center  
American Material Society (ASM)              
North America Robotics Society                  

Forum Supporters

China Automotive Technology &Research Center (CATARC)
Scivic Engineering Corporation (SCIVIC)
Tongji University-Automobile Research Institute

Industrial level of auto industry, a key field of the State, was facing the situation to be further optimized and upgraded. As a significant factor influencing on the productive effect and productive cost, the technical level and material application of automobile manufacturing have always been the topics of interest to most consumers in auto industry and the technological equipment alteration and upgrading of the auto industry have always been the consumption hot spot in auto area, therefore, the engineers from auto industry have been become the leading group to participate in such exhibitions. Shanghai Int'l Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Materials Show-AMTS was born at the right moment just under this background.

Focus on all links in the area of automotive manufacturing technology industry, AMTS will fully demonstrate the applications and innovations in various sections of auto materials and design, technology and equipment as well as assembly and detection for the engineering technical personnel in auto industry, which is a glittering occasion to completely present the innovative products and advanced conception in the area of automotive manufacturing technology industry.

Witnessed the development and growth of global auto industry at present, the aspect for auto industry how to reduce production cost and increase production efficiency in the competition as well as in the field of design and manufacture of new energy vehicles have gradually been considered as a new trend in 21st century world auto industry.AMTS 2010 will establish three new characteristic display areas such as the display area for the design and manufacture of new energy vehicles, parts and components manufactured by advanced technical equipment, and the display of the achievements of China national automotive manufacturing equipment during the Chiness Government “The Twelfth Five-year Plan” . Meanwhile, the “Innovative Forum for China Automotive Manufacturing Equipment” is held by Society of Automotive Engineers of China together with the exhibition.

AMTS 2010 is developing together with China auto industry! And China auto industry presses forward vigorously in the financial crisis, with the manufacture and sales of automobiles ranking first in the world in 2009, during which China auto industry ushers in an unprecedented development opportunity.

AMTS is such a good platform to present the complete and leading technology programs for china auto industry.
We Sincerely welcome your advanced technology and products sparkly show in AMTS 2010!

Please don’t miss such an good opportunity to further explore Chinese Auto Manufacturing Market.

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