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International 48th Foundry Conference Portorož 2008

10.09. - 12.09. 2008, Portorož

The Slovenian Foundry Society again invited to the “International Foundry Conference” which was held from September, 10th to 12th 2008 in Portorož / Slovenia.

Mirjam Jan-Blazic (President of the Slovenian Foundrymen Society) with the deputy mayor of Piran at the Municipality

A short view by reception at the Municipality of Piran

The specific place of this conference, directly at the sea

Every year this conference is placed on the best seaside of Slovenia, in Portorož, the beautiful place on the coast.

About 250 foundrymen and –women from Europe and other countries (farthest visitors came from India) visited the conference to hear high quality lectures specialized in “Cast Iron and Casting Technology” and  “Non-ferrous alloys” and to discuss an overview about the future of economy, ecology and the global market of Foundry-Industry.

Also the every year event, boat-trip in front of the Slovenian coast, was an excellent meeting point for deeper going expert talks.

All in all it was a successful performance.


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The Opening ceremony with Mirjam Jan-Blazic as Speaker and the Programm Committee

Lecture of Dr.-Ing. Horst Wolff (VDG)

Lecture of Dr.-Ing. Jerzy Tybulczuk (General Manager of FOUNDRY RESEARCH INSTITUTE, Poland)

Lecture of Prof. Juhani Orkas from Helsinki University of Technology

Lecture of Prof. Alojz Križman Ph.D. (University of Maribor, Slovenija)

Tribute to Prof. Alojz Križman for his lifework in Foundry-Industry and conferment of the title "Honorable President of the Slovenian Foundrymen Society"

World Technical Forum 2009 in Brno presented by Milan Horáček (Vice President of Czech Foundrymen Society)

Lecture of Prof.DI Dr. Peter Schumacher (General Manager of ÖGI)

Lecture of Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jürgen Bast (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)

Lecture of Dr.-Ing. Jörg C. Sturm (MAGMA GmbH)

Lecture of Prof.a.D. Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Döpp (TU Clausthal)

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