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Ist Ihr Unternehmen ein Echtzeit-Unternehmen?

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FoundPlan in use

FoundPlan was introduced at Harzer Werke Motorentechnik GmbH in Blankenburg for the manufacture of cylinder liners for diesel engines using centrifugal casting.
It has already led to measurable improvements.
According to the CEO Mr Wittkowski, delivery reliability increased from 73 % to 91 %.
The result is a significant increase in customer satisfaction and better results in supplier assessment programs.
Company sales grew by 17 % in the meantime, although we admit that this would not have been possible without a simultaneous increase in overall demand.
However, before the PPS was introduced, bottlenecks were already present, especially in the mechanical machining of the liners.
FoundPlan revealed the organisational and planning deficiencies, and current revenue levels prove that the available capacities arenow used much more efficiently.
Order status and controlling reports provide immediate information on the current state of an order and on-time delivery so that an instantaneous reaction to any fluctuations in the manufacturing process is possible.
Harzer Werke Motorentechnik is currently introducing the third version of FoundPlan.