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It’s hot in here at MAN Foundry in Augsburg

Casting an engine block is not something for the faint-hearted


At around 1,500 °C, the molten iron is poured from our induction furnaces into the ladles. Here we are able to provide 120t of liquid ductile iron.

In the foundry, the raw parts of the largest crankcases and other engine and turbocharger parts – as well as other large components for external customers, such as mega gear boxes and machine tables, weighing up to 100 t – are cast.

With nerves of steel and a steady hand, our specialists pour the iron into a pit with very complex sand moulds and cores.

At our Augsburg location, we have one of the five biggest foundries for large parts in Europe – and we produce them in serial production.

Do you want to know more about our foundry or do you have a component to be cast? Feel free to contact Stephan Briehl and Marco Nagler for more information.

Source: By Stephan Briehl MAN Eisengießerei Augsburg

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