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JAP - Sumitomo Metals to deliver innovative ultra high tensile strength steel

It is reported that Sumitomo Metals will deliver its first order for H SA700, the innovative ultra high tensile strength steel, to Obayashi for construction of a Techno Station main building at its Technical Research Institute. The new steel withstands even large earthquakes.

H-SA 700 is an ultra high tensile strength steel material which has yield strength that is about twice as high as conventional steel. It was developed to improve the seismic performance of buildings in the project concerning Research & development of buildings with new structural systems that use innovative structural materials.

In addition, Sumitomo Metals has independently developed a process innovation for this material. Specifically, the preheating for the welding work can be omitted. A steel stand column made of H-SA700, when filled with ultra high strength concrete developed by Obayashi, becomes an ultra high strength CFT column.

This column makes the building safe even against a major earthquake and allows the creation of a large space with a wide span between the columns, which is excellent in terms of design and amenity, as columns made of this material can be thinner and buildings require the installation of fewer columns.

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