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Jinan Shengquan Group - Foundry Exhibitions in Europe

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In mid and late September, our subsidiary company in European attended the foundry exhibitions which held in the Brno, Czech Republic and in Krakow, Poland. These two exhibitions are the most professional exhibition in Europe-wide, radiating the whole of Europe and Russia. Most of renowned manufacturers leading in the world of casting machines and casting materials have participated in these exhibitions, the show with the rest of the world compared to the overall strength of the show exhibitors are relatively high. Compared with other exhibitions in the world, the comprehensive strength of the exhibitors in these two exhibitions are relatively high.

While in the process of these two foundry exhibitions, through a variety of activities the company achieved good results, which greatly improved our impact in the worldwide foundry industry. More significant is that this exhibition was the first time since the establishment of our Polish subsidiary showed in Poland market; greatly increased our popularity in the European market. It has upgraded our image and played an important role for the development of our local branch.




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