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JUTEC: New heat protection clothing with the highest safe- ty standards - practical examples from the industry.

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JUTEC® GmbH, Oldenburg, founded in 1987, is a manufacturing company in the technical textile sector. Its program includes textile finishing, the development and construction of a variety of problem solutions in the sphere of heat and work protection as well as insulation technology and equipment protection. The company, managed by the brothers Axel and Stefan Jung now belongs among the leading manufacturers of heat-resistant textiles in Germany and Europe. The medium-sized firm, which has around 60 employees, uses a “three-pillar” concept with the focal points being heat protection, work protection and equipment shielding/insulation technology. “In our three work areas we have specialised in conceptualising and implementing individual customer requirements. Our goal was and remains to achieve a strong market position through short delivery times and high quality standard for all manufactured products. This is realised through optimal production processes, most modern technology, certified fabrics and excellent employee know-how. Even small quantities are welcome and we will process these for the customers immediately,” says Axel Jung, explaining the company’s success formula. JUTEC® GmbH Heat Protection GmbH, specialist for heat and work protection, has worked closely together with the aluminium industry and has developed a very interesting aluminized heat protection fabric for clothing when exposed to hot, higher radiation heat or light aluminium sparks.

The basic material is very light and gives the clothing, even when aluminized, a soft textile character. Hours of high wear comfort along with work security are the results. JUTEC® is able to produce any model in a very short time with its most modern CAD and CUT technique in its Oldenburg factory. In addition to this a further plus is: the delivery time!! “We guarantee our customers a manufacture time from one to three days depending on the quantities”. JUTEC® stands completely behind the production motto: “Made in Germany”.

Furthermore, our customers demand quality controls for work security and up-to-date certificates, which of course is the philosophy of the company. Jutec is one of the first companies in the heat protection sector to have its fabrics certified with the new DIN EN ISO 11612 standard that has replaced the old DIN EN 531.

The differences between DIN EN ISO 11612 and DIN EN 531 show the following changes (in bold):

Alphabetic code:
A:  Levels 1 – 3
B:  Levels 1 – 3
  only 3 levels instead of four
C:  Levels 1 – 4
D:  Levels 1 – 3
E:  Levels 1 – 3
F:  Levels 1 – 3
  Contact heat up to 250°C.

Optional: Alphabetic code W: Water proof: Level 1 – 3
Diffusion coefficient of steam: Levels 1 – 3

Physical requirements:
Seam solidity
Tensile strength
Tear resistance

In addition, all of the seams will be tested for flame spread
according to alphabetic code A.

JUTEC® GmbH has made a name for itself as heat protection specialist and problem solver. Many users welcome our experience: “finally someone is taking care of our problems and is helping us “.

JUTEC® Hitzeschutz GmbH is continuously faced with heat protection problems. For many of these cases, high technical know-how is needed. The users profit from the special problem solving experience that Jutec has gathered over the years. Several large well known companies have received optimal solution for their workers that have to work in heat exposed areas by working closely together with Jutec. The aim is to protect the workers at the highest security level possible, to stop injury and make sure that the workers are safe in their work area. Wearing our light flexible clothing makes the workers job easier and more comfortable and leads to his satisfaction.

Practical examples from the industry

1st case: a worker (in the following to simplify called worker ) by the production of quartz glass must stand in approx. 1500 °C radiation heat at his work place. Now he must quickly scrape red-hot glass from a channel to enable the machinery to function again. During this he not only needs protection from the radiation heat, but also protection from red-hot very sharp glass lumps. The glass cuts through normal heat protection clothing „like butter“, and can result in substantial cut injuries.

2nd case: a worker in an iron foundry during his normal function must walk over blistering waste. The waste is so hot that even wearing special shoes with special heat protective soles can lead to harm and even injury can occur, this can lead to burns on the feet. Even the soles of the shoes can dismantle.

Solution to 1st case: The worker uses a heat protective coat made of cut resistant fabric, which is equipped with an Aluminium coating made by a special technique making it very soft and flexible and it also offers the highest radiation heat protection possible. The cut resistant base material is also incorporated to make sure a “glass rain” will not harm the worker. Thus, the most optimal protection for the worker is the result.

Solution to 2nd case: Workers have tried various types of shoes for many different work situations.  All of these shoes proved to be defective and even lead to foot injuries. Working together with JUTEC®, a new special gaiter for the covering of the feet and shoes has been developed.

The special feature of this development is that the gaiters protect the complete shoe. The sensitive sole is protected by an extremely cut and heat resistant material. The gaiters are made of a combination of very flexible Aluminium fabric and a cut resistant material.

These and many other ideas/innovations have been developed by working close together with the users in the industry. This experience will help anyone that has knowledge of or has anything to do with heat protection problems in heat oriented areas where persons or machines are in use. The aim of company JUTEC® GmbH is to give the users an optimal solution for their extremely difficult work area.

Innovative development

This situation occurs daily in iron/steel and aluminium foundries. During tapping or measuring of temperatures, workers wear aluminised clothing for safety reasons. From head to foot the workers are protected against temperature and contact heat. During their work, men in foundries and smelters also have to cope with the following circumstances:

  • the clothing is heavy and not flexible
  • the clothing is stiff and constricting during work
  • the workers sweat heavily and do not feel well

JUTEC® has analysed these situations in many foundries and tested several materials in order to be able to make light, flexible heat protection clothing available to workers in the foundry and smelting businesses. Priority is employee safety and also the best possible comfort fort the wearer. An employer or its representatives (foreman, plant manager, work safety specialist), who commissions or authorises the work, can be prosecuted personally in criminal or civil courts. In addition, the decisive provision in § 29 BGV A1 (Professional Trade Association Accident Provisions – Berufsgenossentschaftliche Unfallverhütungsvorschriften [formerly UVV – Accident Prevention Provisions]) states: In accordance with § 2 of the PSA-Benutzungsverordnung (Ordinance on the Use of Personal Protective Equipment) the employer must provide the insured with appropriate protective equipment.

EC conformity declarations must exist for the provided personal protective equipment. Defined in § 30: the employer must ensure that the personal protective equipment is properly used in accordance with the existing wearing time limitations and service life.

In relation to work safety, JUTEC® only uses certified fabrics in accordance with the BGV (Professional Trade Association Accident Provisions). Following certification in November 2008, the new, innovative and flexible material for heat protection clothing has the following values acc. to safety standard DIN EN ISO 11612:2009:

  • A1 for limited flame spread
  • B1 for convective heat
  • C3 for radiation heat (highest value)
  • D3 for aluminium/zinc splash (highest value)
  • E3 for iron/steel splash (second highest value)

This safety value is achieved with a light fabric of only 260 g/m2. The following statements have been submitted to JUTEC® based on practical use:

  • Excellent protection against sparks and splash (jacket, coat)
  • Excellent protection against radiation heat (jacket coat)
  • Excellent wear comfort, light and flexible (clothing as a whole)
  • Gloves do not harden quickly
  • Significantly better in comparison with other protective equipment (clothing as a whole)

Another product solution from JUTEC® represents an additional, comfortable supplement for work that involves exposure to heat. Experience has shown that employees can work longer and with greater concentration if additional aids are made available to them.

Further innovations, which you can see and try on at the JUTEC® stand 10E50 during the „Aluminium 2012“ fair in Düsseldorf (07. – 09.10.12), are foundry work clothing, high temperature gloves and other high temperature products.