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Kawasaki - the R series - lighter, faster, more precise

The newly designed R series is going to gradually replace the Kawasaki F series. The first robot of this series - the RS20N - offers a reach of 1,725 mm and a payload capacity of 20 kg.   The max. speed amounts to 11.5 m/sec granting a repeatability of  ± 0.05 mm.  As for the previous robot series, the main focus was put on a slim and functional design as well as internal wiring in order to allow for automation in extremely confined work zones with minimal interfering contours - just as you might expect from Kawasaki.


The new E controller foregoes the use of a Windows operating system like before, offers a high virus security hand in hand with an excellent operation and process stability and short start-up times.  The integration of a USB interface facilitates the data exchange while the high accuracy of ± 0.05 mm is achieved through the use of 17 bit encoders.

AN 8 MB RAM allows for storing programs with up to 80,000 job steps. Thanks to the High Performance CPU board, the efficiency and performance of this control with regard to processing application and add-on programs (non-motion process control, PLC functionality) could drastically be increased. Storage and loading processes are executed at considerably higher speed.  The new hardware design, a service-oriented modular configuration as well as the integration of an error diagnosis tool enable the customer to clearly improve MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).

MX700 and MD500 for the "heavyweight class"

Heavy-duty robots are ever more in demand ... which is why Kawasaki even launches two new models to start with.  With an increased efficiency of 40% compared to its forerunner model, the MX700 provides a payload capacity of 700 kg.  The 6 axis heavyweight is employed in heavy-duty applications as in forging technology or machine loading as well as in the stone and ceramic industry. Wherever automated heavy-duty palletizing is needed, the new Kawasaki MD500 is the perfect solution.   As the follow-up model of the MD400, the 5 axis palletizing robot is e.g. used in the beverage industry.  Pick & Place - Kawasaki’s new Delta Picker.  Wherever fast pick & place operations with low product weights are required - as e.g. in packaging or sorting processes - the YF003N recommends its services.  The new Delta Picker of Kawasaki achieves extremely short cycle times of 0.27 sec for 1 kg and of 0.45 sec for 3 kg payload offering a max. work envelope of Ø 1,300 mm.  This equals a maximum of 175 picks per minute.  The 4 axis robot with an optional 5th axis for picking up two parts in one cycle is predominantly used in the food, electronics and solar industry.








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