Foundry Corporate News

KB Alloys/Anglo Blackwells Ltd

KB Alloys Inc. of Reading, Pennsylvania, USA has announced the establishment of a joint venture with Chinese aluminium master alloy producer Sunxing of Shenzhen.

KB Alloys has taken an ownership share in the Shenzhen operation. Sunxing will manufacture grain refiner rod under the authority, guidelines and procedures of KB Alloys for the European, Middle East and Asian markets. The joint venture company, registered in Hong Kong and known as Almat, will market grain refiner through KB Alloys’ established network of agents and distributors.

KB Alloys recently announced the cessation of grain refiner production at its UK subsidiary, Anglo Blackwells. Grain refiner from Almat will replace the capacity lost as a result of this closure. Anglo Blackwells continues to produce aluminium strontium and specialty aluminium alloys at its Widnes location and will be the distribution centre for Almat grain refiner for the European market.

Furthermore, Anglo Blackwells has announced the termination of its agency agreement with Hoesch Metals and Alloys GmbH of Dueren, Germany. Hoesch formerly represented Anglo Blackwells for all aluminium master alloys in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Effective immediately, Anglo Blackwells will now operate in these areas direct from their UK base.

KB Alloys is the longest established producer of grain refiner for the aluminium industry. Aluminium master alloys are produced at Wenatchee, Washington State and Henderson County, Kentucky in the USA, in addition to Widnes, England and Shenzhen, China.

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