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KEMPER STORATEC at the starting blocks

The plant engineering specialist KEMPER is expanding its activities in the area of Automation with the founding of a new business venture for Warehouse, Automation and Control Technology. KEMPER STORATEC will offer a broad spectrum of services for individual customer requirements. In addition to the automated storage and retrieval system KEMPER INTELLISTORE, the portfolio includes various storage and tool change systems, pallet loading and unloading devices, and control facilities. The new company’s headquarters are in Lünen (Westphalia).

"KEMPER STORATEC is an important step for us to becoming an allround system provider. We can now offer our customers a wide range of products from the handling and transport of storage goods to comprehensive control, warehousing and automation concepts", says Björn Kemper, Managing Director of KEMPER GmbH. Moreover, investments were made to further improve the expertise of the company. The majority of employees, for example, can look back on more than 20 years experience in the areas of warehousing and automatic goods provisioning.

The flagship of the product portfolio is KEMPER INTELLISTORE. The automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) in conjunction with control software developed by the Fraunhofer Institute, allows for considerably higher capacity utilisation of shelf and warehousing systems, as well as clearly faster machine feeds. Compared with conventional solutions, the ASRS does not work with drawers; the sheet metal panels are accessed individually during loading and unloading. The advantages include a more efficient utilisation of storage capacities due to better filling levels, more flexibility for shelf usage and faster goods handling.

For the storage of metal sheets, KEMPER STORATEC offers single and double shelf towers in modular design, as well as multi-field systems. For long goods up to 8 meters in length, customers can choose between stationary single or double towers as well as multi-lane systems. For pallets and containers, standard systems for load capacities up to 1000 kg with variable degrees of automation and modular design are available. With their warehousing and tool change systems, KEMPER STORATEC offers the right solution for the storage and automation of die tools and sheet metal pallets.

The product portfolio is rounded off with loading facilities for machine tools, designed and manufactured according to customer requirements, Pallet loading and unloading stations for metal sheet packs (small, medium, and large format), as well integrated control and warehouse management software via SPS or IPC. Custom designs, including pallet change stations, or pipe cutting or grinding systems are available on request. These are developed individually by our inhouse design department, and meet the most exacting requirements. "Customer satisfaction is top priority for all our product developments. We take into account individual requirements, and offer after-sales support in order to ensure long-term top performance of our products”, says Kemper.

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