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Kielce attracted leading professionals operating in the foundry, welding, non-ferrous metal and measuring sectors

24-26 September 2008

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<font size="2"><strong>The largest foundry exhibition in Poland, in addition to being Europe's one of major fair event dedicated to the foundry industry - the International Fair of Technologies for Fondry METAL - were opened in Kielce Trade Fairs on 24 September. Products were exhibited by almost 400 exhibitors from 30 countries.</strong></font>

<font size="2"><strong>METAL</strong> was held simultaneously with the 7th International Fair of Aluminium &amp; Technology, Materials and Non-ferrous Metal Products,&nbsp; <strong>ALUMINIUM &amp; NONFERMET</strong>, the 3rd International Fair of Welding Technology and Equipment&nbsp; <strong>WELDING</strong>, as well as the 8th Fair of Industrial Measuring Technology <strong>CONTOL-TECH</strong>.</font>

<font size="1"><strong>Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH</strong></font>

<font size="2">This year, the METAL fair in Kielce attracted almost 400 exhibitors from 30 countries. Half of the stands were used by companies from foreign countries, including those seated beyond Europe. The 14th International Fair of Technologies for Foundry METAL, which were held on 24-26 September 2008, provided the best opportunity to become acquainted with state-of-the-art foundry and metal heat treatment equipment, as well as computer aided casting design and foundry process systems.&nbsp; The range of exhibited products encompassed all areas of the foundry industry, beginning with materials, sand and binders; finishing with metallic charge and scrap. There were also special equipment, furnaces, machine tools, as well as auxiliary equipment.&nbsp; Thus, all those attending this fair found something interesting: visitors - a whole range of products, exhibitors - new markets and customers. </font>

<font size="2">The location of this fair, i.e. eastern border of the European Union, facilitates experience exchange and co-operation between companies operating in the East and in the West, in addition to attracting representatives of the foundry industry from Russia and Ukraine. It is also worth mentioning that the Kielce METAL fair enjoys membership of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), which brings together the world's most prestigious fair events.</font>

<font size="2"><strong>Among new elements displayed at the METAL fair</strong> was a refractory water coat whose colour changes indicating that the core or the mould are dry. In some cases the utilization of this technology brings the reduction in the time of furnace cycles by even 30%.</font>

<font size="2">This fair was organized in co-operation with the Foundry Economic Chamber, the Polish Foundrymen’s Technical Association, and the Foundry Research Institute.</font>

<font size="1"><strong>AAGM Aalener Gießereimaschinen GmbH - Maschine sold to Alstom Power Sp. z.o.o</strong></font>

<font size="2">Simultaneously with the METAL fair, the pavilions of Kielce Trade Fairs hosted major welding companies exhibiting state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Stands were prepared by 80 exhibitors from almost 10 countries, e.g.&nbsp; the Czech Republic, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, and other. The 3rd International Fair of Welding Technology and Equipment&nbsp; WELDING featured state-of-the-art equipment, technologies and materials utilized in the welding industry; machines and auxiliary equipment, welding materials, software utilized in welding processes,&nbsp; robots, automatic machines, technical gases. Products and services were offered by companies providing welding services as well as by research and development centres specializing in this industry.&nbsp; This fair provides an excellent opportunity to exchange experience and offer products to prospective customers from Poland and other countries.</font> 

<font size="2">This year, the organization of the <strong>WELDING</strong> fair was supported by the Institute of Welding, and the Polish Welding Chamber of Commerce. <br>&nbsp;</font>

<font size="2">F</font><font size="2">rom 24th till 26th September, Kielce were also the venue for the 7th International Fair of Aluminium &amp; Technology, Materials and Non-ferrous Metal Products <strong>ALUMINIUM &amp; NONFERMET</strong>. This fair event brought together 170 exhibitors from Poland and foreign countries - producers operating in the non-ferrous metal industry. This exhibition excellently complements the range of products exhibited at the foundry and welding fairs, as it featured non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal ores, noble metals, as well as all kinds of equipment utilized for processing these raw materials. Each year, this fair is visited by more than 2,700 professionals and suppliers operating in this sector. <strong>ALUMINIUM &amp; NONFERMET</strong>, which attracts specialists from all over the world, can be called 'a fair dedicated to the materials of the future'.&nbsp; </font>

<font size="2">This exhibition was organized in co-operation with the Institute of Non-ferrous Metals in Gliwice.</font>

<font size="2">160 exhibitors from 15 countries presented their products - measurement control equipment, research instruments and laboratory equipment during the 8th Fair of Industrial Measuring Technology CONTROL-TECH. Each year, this exhibition attracts increasing numbers of both exhibitors and visitors. Stands were prepared by leaders of the market - Poland's largest companies specializing in the distribution of coordinate measurement machines and manual measuring instruments.&nbsp; In addition to that, Kielce every year is annually visited by representatives of producers and distributors from&nbsp; Austria, Czech Republic, France, Holland, Israel, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, USA, China, Spain, Denmar, Sweden, India, Ireland and other countries, as this exhibition is dedicated to the latest measurement techniques and technologies. The fair featured, among other things, hardness testing machines, inspection and measuring microscopes, roughness testing devices, industrial scales, tools, industrial and laboratory viscometers, as well as many other pieces of equipment for quality control and measurements. The Kielce CONTROL-TECH fair excellently combines the world of science and research with business.</font>

<font size="2">Honorary patronage of the exhibition was provided by the Polish Research and Certification Centre and by the Central Office of Measurements.</font>

<font size="2">In all fairs took part almost 5000 visitors. </font>

<font size="3">Seminars and conferences:</font>

<font size="2">The CONTROL-TECH fair was accompanied by a symposium on <strong>"Contemporary Problems of Metrology in the Design of Machines"</strong>, organized by the Kielce University of Technology as well as a seminar on software for analyzing and recording measurement data. </font>

<font size="2">Trade meetings were also organized as part of the METAL, ALUMINIUM &amp; NONFERMET and WELDING fairs. The Foundry Department of the Silesia University of Technology organized a conference on <strong>"Solidification and Crystallization of Metals"</strong>, while the Research Institute of Non-ferrous Metals invited to participate in a seminar on <strong>"Equipment and Technology in the Aluminium Industry”</strong>, during which issues such as the Polish aluminium market, scrap recycling, and production processes applied in the aluminium industry will be addressed.</font>

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