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KRÄMER+GREBE Celebrates 95 Years of Experience & 75 Years of Excellence

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The Development and Manufacture of High-Tech Casting Tools

The KRÄMER + GREBE factory, located in Ludwig-Grebe-Strasse in Biedenkopf, Germany, has - with the development and manufacture of high-tech casting tools - developed into a well-known center of excellence for mold and toolmaking over the past 95 years and is specialized in the production of tools for complex components, cylinder heads, and engine blocks to the world market leaders.

In 1922, Fritz Krämer set the stage for the founding of a model and machine factory. Together with his son-in-law and mechanical engineer, Ludwig Grebe, the company has been operating under KRÄMER + GREBE since 1942.

Hand in Hand with the Automobile Industry

The history of the company has been shaped by the automotive industry and the order books, which offer interesting insights into the changing demand for various cast parts over the decades, be it parts for the drive train or chassis. Numerous unique and exciting projects, from 1- to 12-cylinder engines and from pump housings to the Ferrari door, the company has handled orders for various automotive manufacturers and large foundries. The development of the casting process itself has also been successfully supported in numerous projects using simultaneous engineering.

Katrin Grebe: Industry 4.0 is well-established

At an anniversary event held at the end of September, managing director Katrin Grebe and her staff led guests through the business and production areas in Biedenkopf. That Industry 4.0 has arrived is very clear. Important work processes, from planning to production, are already digitized, standardized, and networked, and an impressive machine system enables a range of services at the highest technical level.

In a Smart Tooling Forum with interesting lectures on topics such as Rapid Toolmaking 4.0, Innovative and Lifetime Optimized Engineering, Benefits of Simulation in Tool Development, as well as an expert round that showed how future responsive, data-based tool management could look, Ms. Grebe and her team completed the successful event.

Well Prepared for the Future

A festive evening event at Dagobertshausen provided the nearly 100 guests with the opportunity for stimulating conversation and exchange of ideas.

An interesting and emotional journey through the company’s history, illustrated with many photos, gave guests a look into the past - and at the same time opened up a promising outlook to the future. For further entertainment, a young team of talented acrobats amused guests with breathtaking feats.

We are eagerly looking forward to a promising future for this company, and, given what it has planned for the future, a new generation of engineers can look forward to interesting upcoming projects.

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