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KSPG's new brand architecture in a modern look

Umbrella and individual brands centering on the same message

Focusing on its three core brands, Kolbenschmidt, Pierburg, and Motorservice, Rheinmetall affiliate KSPG Group is launching a new brand identity starting from July this year. Rolled out in 2011, the corporate logo acts as an umbrella or roof covering the three traditional brands with which KSPG, whose history goes back over a century, will in future ensure a uniform and groupwide presentation to its customers.

Under the ever-present corporate logo, it is the respective traditional core brand that will play the lead role in day-to-day business. This is Kolbenschmidt for the business units Small-Bore Pistons, Bearings, Castings, and Large-Bore Pistons, with the product groups small-bore and large-bore pistons, engine blocks, cylinder heads, structural components as well as bearings and continuous castings. All these are bundled in KSPG's Hardparts division.

The Pierburg brand will be used by the following business units: Pump Technology, Automotive Emission Systems, Solenoid Valves, Commercial Diesel Systems, and Actuators. These cover the respective product groups such as water, oil, and vacuum pumps, exhaust-gas recirculation systems, solenoid valves and actuators for cars and commercial vehicles. Together, these business units constitute KSPG's Mechatronics division.

Motorservice continues to specialize in domestic and international parts business which is clustered in the Aftermarket division.

This brand relaunch aims at confining attention to the three firmly established core brands. The Group attaches special importance to close customer relations while additionally emphasizing its strong employee focus. Appropriate in this process is the new corporate slogan "Our heart beats for your engine" acting as emotive icing to the new brand architecture and profile.

In a new campaign by the Stuttgart-based B2B ad agency RTS Rieger Team, which has developed the relaunch, KSPG is also and purposefully focusing on its employees as an essential ingredient in its corporate success. KSPG has adopted a tonality of authenticity by showing real employees credibly representing their respective division. They emphasize how their dedication best serves customer interests. The Group's strengths are also communicated with clarity. In the competition for tomorrow's mode of propulsion, KSPG's product lineup and range of services will play a key role. With its three core brands, KSPG is well positioned in every respect while maintaining the specialization that gives birth to top-caliber products for its customers. Under the KSPG umbrella the brands are united in one entity that provides for its customers a unique and full-service package of engine components.

The new communication strategy stresses, in particular, the human facet of this technology leader; it conveys an overall capable and likeable impression plus—at the same time and with utmost clarity—expertise and performance.

The relaunch audience is both our customers and our employees at 36 locations worldwide. Not only is it made clear to customers that the Group is so successful because of the passion and personal commitment of its employees, these same employees, too, are the recipients of the message, the value of their efforts is acknowledged, and their commitment as the engine that drives KSPG is communicated. "To shine outwardly you have to shine inwardly," is how Peter Hartung, head of Corporate Communications describes the new strategy. Our slogan "Our heart beats for your engine" serves as a bridge between technological supremacy, emotions and the ties stretching from the Group to customers—all aiming for the same goal: to apply the utmost development, production and management skills in creating the finest propulsion systems.


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Source: KSPG AG

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