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Künkel-Wagner - The contract signing ceremony...

...for the implementation of the development of foundry equipment between Künkel-Wagner Prozesstechnologie GmbH, Skinest Rail and the Uzbek Railways.

Contract signing
From left: Michael Grinstein, Senior Manager KW / Georg Blinn, Manging Director, KW / Leonid Koltashov, AS Skinest Rail / Wayne Wan, Managing Director KW

Künkel-Wagner is pleased to announce the signing of an impressive contract with SKINEST RAIL, an Estonian company serving the railway industry. Künkel-Wagner will deliver foundry equipment and machinery to support the Uzbekistan Railway company modernize their wagon manufacturing plant and thus improve the public infrastructure. This new investment will give the economy an impressive impulse; a further demonstration of Künkel-Wagners' commitment to meet market and customer demands.

After a long period of adapting the project to the customers' needs, Künkel-Wagner is glad to have finally won this exceptional contract over their direct competitors.

The total project value exceeds 54 million US dollars.

The scope of Künkel-Wagners' work in this project includes the conception and manufacturing of two moulding lines, two sand preparation plants, two pouring machines and other equipment.

The opportunity to continue this long standing relationship to the CIS states and enter into a new agreement with Skinest Rail means a lot to Künkel-Wagner. Moulding plants for jumbo railway castings have always been a speciality of Künkel-Wagner but this is a new experience being the first new foundry facility in this region since the early 1970s.

There is a huge potential for the Uzbek market as the railway segment is developing rapidly, resulting in a massive demand for railway castings, such as bolsters and side frames. This new foundry will produce over 30 000 tons of castings per year. There are 120 000 - 150 000 wagons to be replaced per year, which results in a yearly need of approx. 450 000 tons of railway castings in the CIS market. We feel privileged to contribute to the improvement of public transportation and the country's infrastructure.

The approach for this project is supported by Künkel-Wagners' new motto "Customers and Quality First", close and trustful relationships with customers gave Künkel-Wagner advantages in winning this project. Künkel-Wagner is a leading global mechanical engineering company, delivering high quality products, engineered solutions and services worldwide.

With world-class technology and operations in moulding plants, individual moulding machines, sand preparation plants, mixers, return sand coolers, polygonal screens, pouring machines, gravity die casting machines for light metal casting, transport and assembly systems, plant components, automation, after-sales service and modernization, today's Künkel-Wagner is well positioned to meet and exceed its customers' needs.

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