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Kurtz - Partner for the Aluminium Industry in India

Confidence through Competence

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Difficult times require to look into the future for improvement of processes and activities. KURTZ GmbH presented low-pressure casting technology at ALUCAST 08. There is the clear message that this technology reduces production costs for a wide variety of components.

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Low-pressure casting technology provides several advantages. Compared with conventional gravity die casting the reduction of material for gates and risers is most obvious. This is known for standard parts such aluminium wheel rims and air-cooled cylinder heads for motorcycles. However, there are many further parts to use this possibility in single or multi cavity mould systems.

Further aspects have come into focus now. Low-pressure technology allows energy savings due to the closed furnace concept. KURTZ low pressure machines are equipped with highly insulated furnaces. The foundry manager of a customer states that it is sometimes even hard to tell if the furnaces are switched on. KURTZ provides complete solutions based on their long-term experience with the casting process and machine building. This is supported by the own in-house aluminium foundry with LPDC technology and contacts to key customers in Germany and abroad.

KURTZ offers the full range of equipment on the Indian market:

  • AL14-10 as a standard machine adapted to requirements of Indian customers. A first unit is already in operation at INSPIRON ENGINEERING Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad.
  • Complete range of customized solutions based on the KURTZ modular machine design. The right equipment for various applications from high volume production of critical parts for the automotive sector up to universal casting machines for jobbing foundries.
  • Low-pressure technology can be combined with non-permanent moulds ( green sand, chemically bonded sand, plaster or even ceramic shell moulds). This has opened a further field for this technology.

Common for all applications is the unique KURTZ pressure control system. It assures the non-turbulent filling of the mould by clean metal and leads to the superior quality.Besides low-pressure technology, KURTZ offers solutions for automated gravity and tiltable gravity die casting for cylinder heads and other components

Today the KURTZ FOUNDRY MACHINE division has been present in India for more than 15 years and trusts in the potential of the aluminium foundries in India.


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