Automatic inspection of sand cores and castings: Laempe presents its image processing solutions at GIFA

In 2018, Laempe acquired and integrated inspectomation, a company that specialises in automated image processing. With the help of its self-developed core products CORE-VISION®, and DISC-INSPECTOR® defects, damage and other faults on sand cores and castings can be detected automatically using camera technology. This reduces or completely eliminates the need for manual inspection during production.

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The products and solutions in the field of image processing can be perfectly integrated into the automation solutions of Laempe Mössner Sinto - this is exactly what the leading company in core production technology will be demonstrating at GIFA (Dusseldorf, Germany; 12th-16th June23, Booth 17D23). The solutions in image processing develop their full effect when they are integrated holistically into the overall process. For this reason, customers, which primarily include foundries, not only receive a pure image processing solution, but a holistic complete solution from a single source. This includes image processing, mechanics, programming, commissioning and service. In addition to the complete solutions for traditional foundries, inline monitoring and core measurement for 3D printing processes are currently in preparation.

The two core products CORE-VISION® and DISC-INSPECTOR® will be presented in detail at GIFA - because in the foundry process, image processing solutions are an important component in the efficient process chain.


CORE-VISION® is an image-based camera system for the automatic detection of defects on sand cores as well as sand moulds and is used for the fully automatic detection of break-offs, gaping cracks, missing cores and other visible larger defects (> 2 x 2 x 2 mm). In contrast to traditional methods, which often only work with a single image under diffuse illumination, the CORE-VISION® system takes a series of images with differently directed illumination. The resulting series of images provides comprehensive 3D information about the shape of the object being inspected.

The advantages of this solution are obvious - to name just the most important ones:

  • A consistent fatigue-free inspection (24/7).
  • Assured and documented inspection quality.
  • A reduction or even elimination of manual inspections.
  • Faster inspection compared to manual inspection.
  • Overall, the seamless and automated inspection leads to less rework.

The CORE-VISION® system is used as a complete solution in many foundries and by other suppliers to the automotive industry worldwide.


The DISC-INSPECTOR® system is primarily aimed at manufacturers of brake discs. The product uses a mixture of 2- and 3-dimensional imaging processes to inspect the ventilation channels and all visible surfaces of a brake disc for casting defects or damage. Holes, break-offs, burrs in channels as well as full and partial occlusions in channels can thus be detected automatically. With the DISC-INSPECTOR® system, 100 percent of the brake discs produced can be inspected in a cycle-retaining manner. The changeover effort is minimal and all available types can be inspected. The main advantages of this system:

  • Consistent defect assessment based on objective criteria.
  • Lower personnel costs and fewer returns.
  • Greater satisfaction on the part of the manufacturer's or supplier's end customer.
  • The results of the inspections are documented in a database. If desired, this enables complete traceability of the parts.

The DISC-INSPECTOR® solution is a future-oriented modular system including a system configurator. This means that customers can adapt the system to their individual needs, depending on what is to be inspected on the brake disc.  The DISC-INSPECTOR® is currently used by many well-known manufacturers of brake discs and in foundries worldwide.

All of Laempe's image processing products are designed to increase efficiency in production and have been used successfully in foundries for many years. 

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