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LANNER - Metal waste recycling technology focus

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In just 25 years, Lanner Anlagenbau GmbH has grown from a small German business into a global enterprise, specializing in the development and supply of metal waste recycling technology. The 35-strong Lanner team of highly qualified personnel provides innovative, technical solutions, a sure way of gaining a technical advantage in the capital goods business.

In the beginning, there was a small garage and a good idea. Klaus Lanner, the entrepreneurial founder had been producing centrifuges for eight years, when he decided to establish his own company in 1987. With plenty of ideas and concrete visions, he began to turn them into reality. The main focus had been on the development and production of high performance, continuously running centrifuges and chip crushers, as well as automatic chip treatment systems.

The treatment of metal waste, in particular chips and grinding sludge, has represented a longstanding problem for the metalworking industry. Equally challenging were effective methods to recycle these materials. Pioneering constructions and business solutions have turned Lanner into one of the market’s leading companies and with two decades of experience to call upon, Lanner Anlagenbau GmbH has many satisfied customers and a strong reputation in international markets.

Environmentally friendly solutions
The retention of valuable resources, the importance of compliance with disposal laws and the effects of escalating energy costs are all significant factors that make it difficult for manufacturing companies to adapt their products to the special needs of national and international markets. For this reason, cost cutting measures and environmental protection initiatives can no longer be considered exclusively.

Lanner’s innovative developments and sophisticated technologies lay down benchmarks in business solutions and the environmental treatment of chips and metalworking fluids. The company’s trademark stands for high tech and innovation, as well as for quality, consultancy, service and closeness to the needs of customers. As a consequence, Lanner has generated a high number of satisfied customers for its systems, which comply with European environmental guidelines and certifications.

The smooth operation of Lanner systems guarantees one stop planning, construction and production. All components are made in-house, including the control cabinets, ensuring problem-free operation. The company’s service team assembles systems at the customer’s premises, providing top class service, a high level of reliability and a fast return on investment.

Suitable for various chip types, Lanner’s Vetamat® system can achieve throughputs up to 2.000 kg/h. This compact turnkey system comprises a centrifuge, a conveyor with tank and an oil tub, together with a control cabinet. All installed elements work in smooth unison, in addition to which effective plant safety and fully automatic operation with standby function are guaranteed. Given that the Vetamat® plant is based on an add-on system, in line with customer requirements, it is possible to extend it with a chip crusher, bulk separation, lift and tip machine or material separation plus coolant lubricants processing.

In operation, wet chips are added continuously to the centrifuge through a funnel, where the metalworking fluid is separated from the solid. In a filter plant, the ejected metalworking fluid can then be cleaned of rough dirt and fine abrasion. Subsequently, the cleaned metalworking fluid can be reintroduced to the machining processing as purified oil. The result of melting down the dry chips (a residual moisture content <1% is possible) is less environmental pollution compared to the alternative of melting down oily chips.

In the Lanner briquetting press, chips containing coolant are fed into the infeed hopper. The dosing screw leads the chips continuously into the pressing chamber, where a high pressure cylinder compresses the chips into a briquette. At this point, coolant is removed from the chips. An optional chip crusher with automatic tramp metal ejector allows the processing of long and woolly chips.
The multi-press mode of operation allows the pressing of different materials into briquettes, with different pressure configurations. These systems feature a compact and robust design, are understood to operate quietly and offer a fast return to investment.

Combined, these factors illustrate that chip processing installations represent an effective means of environmental protection and economic efficiency. By offering chip processing and grinding sludge systems such as centrifuges, chip crushers, conveyors and briquetting presses, Lanner is providing diecasters and others in the international metalworking community with high technology solutions to their waste processing and recycling needs.