Leichtbau in Guss 2009, Augsburg

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The event "Leichtbau in Guss", organized by Hanser-Verlag in cooperation with VDG, BDGuss und the Munich Colloquium, took place on 2009 october 06. and 07. in Augsburg, germany.

Aligned with the focus "With innovation in the future" the symposium took up current issues a presented innovative solutions and future trends.

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Interview with "Rudolf Diesel"
About 40 participants saw very interesting presentations of the subjects "aluminium”, “prozesses”, “optimizing quality” and “large castings" on both days.
In the evening of the first day they have got a well made insight into the life of Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine.


After the lectures the second day end with a visit of the over 100 years old MAN-Foundry in Augsburg.
With about 220 employees this foundry is one of the five biggest handmouldings in germany.
It was a very interesting visit, which is shown on the following facts:


Products made by the MAN-Foundry are:

  • Crankcase
  • cylinder heads
  • flywheels
  • support ring
  • crankshaft bearing bracket
  • parts for turbochargers (AUG)
  • gear parts for RENK
  • rotor hub
  • machine support for wind turbines
  • machine bases

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The Booth of UTG Munich
The casting takes place in the early morning at 5 o’clock. Because there is only a limited quantity of energy with 20MW available for the works, the melting will be done at night, in the second and third shift.

There are up to 12 MW of energy for the foundry; this is about 50 % of the connecting output of the complete works.
The melting process is started between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. and it takes round about 12 hours for the largest engine block.

The biggest part which is produced there is the cylinder crankcase for type 18V48/60. This casting weights 91 tons made by 115 tons of metal. The financial loss, if the casting would become damaged, is about 130 000 euro.
The cylinder crankcase has to stay in the form for cooling down about 17 days.

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The participants of the MAN-tour

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