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Hose Technology

As a future-oriented, qualified and certificated family business we are your partner in all matters of fireprotection, heat-protection, glowing equipment and hose technolgie. (DIN-Norm DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 14001)


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technical solutions as well for media-transport as for additional cover incl. our protector™ familiy.


In case of bending the hose without any pressure a variation of the cross section has to be considered. While bending in pressureless condition a cross-sectionchange of 10% has to be considered.

The bending radius is reduced by approx. 50% at a pressure of 1 bar. This pressure prevents the hose from kinking. 

NR/BR, resistant to hot water
hardness/shore A65 +/-5

technical fibre

CR/EPDM/BR, self-extinguishing
partly oil-resistant, resistant to ozone and UV.
hardness/shore: A63 +/-5

characteristics of hose

resistance temperature:
+80°C continuously, shortly up to +110°C
breakdown voltage > 6kV
electrical resistance: > 10¹¹Ohm/m

tolerance according to DIN 7715
storage according DIN 7716

working pressure:
10 bar

inspection pressure:
15 bar

burst pressure:
>=30 bar

length-change at maximum working-pressure +/- 3%

Protector-Fireprotection-Sleeving grey

The sleeving is being used in the following applications: steelindustry, foundries, chemical companies, oil companies, ship builders, public transportion, mining industry and glassfactories.

Produced out of an strong woven inner hose with outer siliconcover.

cables and main leads
hydraulic hoses
cooling cicuit hoses

for fireprotection:
protection against high temperature open flames and metal splash

for accidentprotection:
no burning on fittings, exhausts, or hot metalhoses

inner sleeving
made out of calcium-silicat-yarns, 6µ
(no itching) textorised and twined, good insulation properties
> 700°C constant temperature resistance
no organic contents
shrinkage: < 1%
colour: beige
thickness: appr. 3mm/3400g/m²

colour: grey, thickness:appr. 2mm
hardly inflammable, selfextinguishing
temperature resistance: up to +300°C
peak short-term: appr. +500°C
dielectric strength: > 10kV

good chemical resistance


While bending in pressureless condition a cross-sectionchange of >= 10%   has to be considered.

The bending-radius reduces to the appr. half at an inner pressure of 1 bar, because the pressure counteracts the snapping.

EPDM, heatwaterresistant
hardness/shore A1 appr. 65 +/- 5

braided steel
resistant against corrosion

CR/EPDM, selfextinguishing
partly oil-resistant. UV- and ozonresistant
for special applications: pricked

+80°C continuously, short-term +110°C
- working pressure: 10 bar
- test pressure: 15 bar
- burst pressure: 100 bar

tolerance according to DIN 7715
storage according to DIN 7716

change in length
at maximum working pressure +/- 3%

Protector Abrasive

This hose meets with the highest quality requirements

non conductive
excellent physical properties, extremely resistant to abrasion
cover non-flammable, self extinguishing
traffic light effect, based on the green respectively red rubber layer, provides for easy inspection
preventive maintenance / traffic light effect = early warning system

Technical data / dimensions

electrical resistance R > 10 ^ 9 Ohm
water temperature up to +80° C
flame retardent cover

Ventilating- / Suction-Hoses

A high tensile connection between hose material and external helix results to special clamping proceeding.


We produce our hoses without using manufacturing processes of sticking, vulcanising, welding or seeming.

Adhesive free and seamless construction means:
Durability also at highest temperature because of no possible melting of any glue. The continues connection of the hose material guaranties a much higher tensile strength and more closure connection compared to seemed ones.

Outer helix means:
Media does not contact the material helix, therefore no corrosion.
-inner hose wall smooth therefore less flow resistance
-additional protection for external hose sheat
-crush resistant

Helix construction means:
-highly flexible
-small bend radius
-extremely compressibility
-coast effective storage

Continues length production means:
-deliverable as coils
-cost effective installation
-no need for spiral free muffles at the end because hose can be assembled with special hose clamps
-easy to assemble

How to cut:
Using sharp knife, cut the hose material through to reinforce spiral and cut it then with a side cutter.

The use of high quality material eliminates a possible rove of the cloth.

Assembly instructions:
Assembly instructions from producers side are to be respected.
Wrong assembling reduces the life time of the hoses and inapplicable claims under guaranty. Arrange flexible hose line as freely suspended bends in such a manner that they do not come in contact with the wall or other objects or with the ground even during extended stroke. Install flexible hose line at 180° with sufficiently neutral hose ends. Decide on installation interval in accordance with the required band radius. Use rigid pipe bands to avoid impermissible bends directly behind the connection fittings.
Observe the minimum band radius. Movement direction and hose access must be level. This prevents harmful torsional strain occurring. Low lethal movement is permissible.

Material abbreviations:

CR = Neopren
CSM = Hypalon
EPDM = Ethylen-Propylen-Dien-Kautschuk
FPM = Fluor-Kautschuk (Viton)
NBR = Perbunan
PA = Polyamid
PE = Polyäthylen
PP = Polypropylen
PTFE = Polytetrafluorethylen (Teflon)
PUR = Polyurethan
PVC = Polyvinylchlorid
VMQ = Silicon-Kautschuk

All specifications are the result of internal tests and trials on internationally recommended standards and refer to a medium and ambient temperature of +20°C. Deviating temperatures can alter the pressure and theckum specifications. Due to the construction the length of individual hose types maybe affected by the influencing variables of pressure, vacuum, medium and ambient temperature. This alteration in length must be taken into account by the user during operation. Although this hose type is build for extraction by suction, conveying and blowing of gaseous media and airsupporting particles, they can also be use for transport of splinters and other products.

Hose-Clamps LIDO

Hose-Clamps LIDO
made from stainless steel,
mat. no. 1.4301 antimagnetic,
screws without shaft
hexagon socket
16mm width
see special catalogue



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