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Low-wear, residue-free production components with WCC and DLC coated ejectors from DREI-S-WERK

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Certain manufacturing processes used in biomedical engineering, food technology or some sectors of the automotive industry require the use of highly wear resistant, residue free production tools.

For these areas of use Drei-S-Werk supplies WCC and DLC (diamond like carbon) coated ejectors and components which can be implemented in dry running or minimal lubricated environments. The terms WCC and DLC refer to non-crystalline (amorphous) carbohydrate layers which are produced in a PACVD (Plasma Activated Chemical Vapour Deposition) process and which contain 50% to 70% carbon alignment, similar to that of diamonds. Both layers consist of graphite based anti-friction layers which display 50% better flexibility in comparison with a purely hard material coating.

The advantages of both layers
The advantage of the DLC layer is its extreme surface hardness and the improved coefficient of friction which makes it more wear and corrosion resistant. The WCC layer, on the other hand, is softer and can therefore be more easily worked. Also, a WCC layer works its way into the opposing surface and can thus compensate surface irregularities.








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