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MAC GmbH | Consulting and Engineering is celebrating the 10th anniversary

With a good amount of personal initiative and enthusiasm the MAC GmbH has managed to establish itself in the last 10 years as part of the foundry industry. While working on exceptional and demanding projects a company was build up which serves the market today with its know-how and skills according to the slogan „Erfahrung schafft Vorsprung“ (Experience creates a lead). Expert knowledge and exceptional capabilities, years of experience and personal relations between customers and project managers of the MAC GmbH, are the guarantee for high quality project work in the rough and challenging world of foundry industry.

Since 10 years the MAC GmbH is a planning and consulting partner for the foundry industry. The original plan to act as a one-man company has been changed and a trustworthy and reliable company has emerged, which revived, changed and developed the foundry world.

Now the MAC GmbH looks back with pleasure on the last 10 years, in which thanks to the interesting and challenging jobs for international customers a healthy and innovative company could be developed. Customers are satisfied with results and are coming back for additional projects.

The beginning

On 30 April 2003 Markus Albert ventured the path to independence with his own company the MAC GmbH. He celebrated this with a full day of presentations.

On this memorable afternoon in Winterthur (CH) friends and acquaintances presented interesting topics and innovations for the foundry world in front of more than 70 guests. Discussions between participants during the event led to new contacts, which last until today.
Already at this point the MAC GmbH was able to launch the first main project.

A first important job

In a task force formed by an automotive supplier, the MAC GmbH had to bring up the production of aluminium engine blocks fivefold while improving quality by 20 %. A MAC-team of eight employees supported the customer for over two years, 7 days a week continuously for 24 hours a day.

The first success

Within two month the first results were achieved which assured that the project objective will be met.
These results were subsequently stabilized together with the customer and further expanded. The development of innovations and their implementation in the process, the supervision of production in three shift operation, management of the maintenance and much more managerial functions had to be handled by the MAC-team.

A special moment

A special moment in the history of the MAC GmbH was the construction of a new iron foundry for a Korean client to produce special grey iron cylinder liners for large twostroke marine engines with a gravity die casting process. In just 11 months the foundry with an annual capacity of 160,000 to of good castings was planned "brownfield", together with the customer, built and put into operation. Next to the foundry engineering MAC supplied also this unique process including the complete process development, simulations, the moulding technology and moulds as well as the metallurgy for these exceptional products. Thanks to the good cooperation between the project team, the final customers, the suppliers and the MAC-team, it was possible to implement this pioneering project in such a short time.

Networking with science and research

Today MAC GmbH is planning and consulting in all areas of the foundry industry. The European foundry industry's technology and know-how is world class without any doubt and the MAC GmbH is very glad to support it in order to maintain this position. It is the goal of MAC to keep the European foundry industry competitive in cooperation with its customers, their suppliers and various universities.

Widely sustained

With broad knowledge and extensive experience in all areas of the foundry industry and equipped with numerous contacts to experts from academia and research the MAC team develops innovative solutions to complex and challenging task. When our customers need advice, planning or support outside of Europe, we are committed to support them worldwide.

Shaping the future

After 10 years of leading the company the opportunity has come for Markus Albert to secure the succession and to initiate the hand over into younger, experienced hands: The company founder of MAC GmbH handed over the management to his long-time business partner Dipl. Ing. / Dipl. Wirt.-Ing. Dieter Jurczik.

Of course Mr. Albert continues working for the MAC GmbH, but now he uses the opportunity to set the course for the future early. Mr. Jurczik is assisted significantly by Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Harborth and Mrs. Romy Albert and the entire MAC team while taking up the new responsibilities.
The whole MAC team warmly thanks its customers for the very good, interesting and motivating cooperation in the past 10 years and looks forward to more challenges in the future.

With a hearty "Good luck"!

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