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One of the most important German automotive foundries, producing drums, gear housing and other parts, has awarded Magaldi Industrie srl a project for the retrofit of an existing vibrating conveyor for the degating and casting sorting operations.

The targets of the foundry were:

  • Solving production issues like castings jams and unpredictable castings movement caused by the vibrating conveyor;
  • Increasing the load capacity and shock resistance operating under the manipulator (size of 15kN).

The Magaldi Superbelt® HD (heavy duty) has proved to be the best solution for performing under such process conditions, thus it’s been installed after the cooling conveyor (90° of inclination) handling 20t/h of castings at 200 °C max.

The castings are unloaded by manipulator on the sides of the Magaldi Superbelt® HD, while the sprues are conveyed in a box at the Magaldi Superbelt® HD discharge chute.

The conveyor is 15 meters long and has been designed to work under the manipulator: reinforced frame, carrying idlers rubber coated with closer pitch, and Superbelt® HD pans made of manganese steel (Hardox 400) 8mm in thickness.

Magaldi Casting Cooler.PDF

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