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Maicopresse Spa: Die-Casting Becomes Hybrid

Less consumption, more production: the new frontier of efficiency in die-casting developed by the Italian maker Maicopresse

Established in 1975, Maicopresse has been growing over the last decades until reaching the status of a mature manufacturer, able to represent a family-run business which can keep up with an increasingly demanding market.

The respect for the traditional passion for mechanical quality, such as the exclusive use of drop-forged steel for the patented long stroke reversed toggle clamping, and a commitment to the best reliability have been combined with considerable investments into technological research.

The company – strongly rooted  into the mechanical engineering  tradition of  Northern Italy – has conceived high-tech applications both in the sector of thermoplastic injection and –particularly- in the more growing sector of die- casting of light alloys.

The automotive industry has lately represented a leading element of success  thanks to the “customized solution” expertise of Maicopresse and of the automation partner Irobi, collaborating in the supply of complete work units.

New technologies,  developed and tested in different domains, allows for reliable and state-of-the-art solutions, such as the new series of die-casting machines:  the  “Hybrid”. 

The “Hybrid” is the first real “low-consumption die-casting machine”: thanks to its high-tech inverters and to the servo-motor drivers controlling the clamping unit without use of hydraulic fluids, a relevant  reduction of all operating costs is achieved,  together with an increase in the performance.

To be more precise, the energy consumption drops down to -80% in comparison with non-proportional hydraulic DCMs;  use of cooling water is reduced by the 90%; quantity of hydraulic oil needed is 65% less; more speed, precision of movement and repeatability is assured. Moreover, all movement can be overlapped  granting an improved productivity.

That’s why the initial investment can be paid back in a shorter time, also thanks to the excellent reliability of this solution, that requires very little maintenance .

“As a matter of fact – explains Claudio Busi, Maicopresse’s General Manager – an investment  aimed to a reduction of the operating costs may allow better profitability compared to a solution based on the import of low-cost components, which so often cannot provide an operating life compatible with the true payback times.”

“Our after sales service – carries on Busi – is addressed to all kind of including, included those who do not use our machines:  therefore, we assess on a daily basis the true cost of issues related to the reliability of unsuitable components meant to keep under control the operating costs, but causing the opposite effect.  However, we can supply high-quality spare parts, technical updates and reconfigurations, keeping our company profile as customer-oriented as we can.”

“In fact, recent figures show how the market share of “higher efficiency” solutions is growing both in the Western-European technological markets and in the fast growing “new countries”, becoming every day more oriented to efficiency to cope with the increasing cost of energy together with the large productive volumes so typical in their growing economies.”

Together with a PC-compatible software allowing a continuous monitoring of the consumption, Maicopresse offers their customers a “free APP” for their smartphones allowing to connect with their machines and check productivity and consumption parameters anytime and anywhere,  with confidence to be counting on the most efficient and advanced productive tool available nowadays.

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