Martinrea International Inc. Announces Strategic Relationship with Millison Die Casting

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Martinrea International Inc. (TSX : MRE), a diversified and global automotive supplier engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of highly engineered, value-added Lightweight Structures and Propulsion Systems, today announced a strategic relationship with Chongqing Millison Die Casting Co., Ltd. Based in Chongqing, China, Millison manufactures and distributes metal casting products for the automotive and telecommunications industries. The strategic relationship represents an expanded global manufacturing presence for Martinrea in Asia, and Millison in Europe and North America.

“Millison brings a deep understanding of the Chinese market and provides an outlet for additional collaboration and growth with our customers,” said Pat D’Eramo, President and CEO, Martinrea International Inc. “We currently share a number of customers including, SAIC-GM, Nissan, Geely, Volvo and Ford. This relationship allows us to further expand our capabilities as a global supplier of aluminum castings.”

Martinrea and Millison have signed a memorandum of understanding that allows the two entities to work together in the Chinese market. Initially, Martinrea and Millison plan to seek opportunities to manufacture aluminum body-in-white and powertrain components leveraging the robust technical resources and knowledge of high-pressure die casting (HPDC).

“Having HPDC capabilities in China will allow us to improve our offering for our global customers and their global platforms,” said Robert Fairchild, Executive Vice President, Sales and Engineering, Martinrea International Inc. “It was important to select a China-based partner whose values align with our drive for new breakthrough opportunities and developing cutting edge technologies for die casting design and manufacturing.”

Millison operates three manufacturing sites with more than 4,000,000 square feet of land in Chongqing and Hubei Xiangyang employing more than 2,000 employees. Millison owns advanced intelligent HPDC casting cells, high-precision CNC machining centers, automatic powder coating lines, with top quality-assurance systems and mold development. It has an annual output capacity of over 60,000 tons of large, complex and high-precision castings.

“We look forward to collaborating with Martinrea International Inc. in the aluminum casting business,” said Arthur Yu, CEO of Millison Die Casting. “Both sides will use their resource advantages to strengthen alliances, better serve our customers, increase market share and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.”

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