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MAUS S.p.A. - A fettling robot or flexible fettling machine?

Back at the beginning of the 80s, foundries needed their fettling process to be automated.

Some suppliers interpreted and responded to this specific need, proposing fettling robots, while others focused on developing and producing flexible fettling machines.

So far these two different solutions have remained in opposition to each other, with each supplier attempting to highlight the advantages of its products over the competition, often creating expectations that were not satisfied, and increasing the doubts of its customers.

MAUS, world leader in automatic fettling technology, with more than twenty five years of experience and specialisation, has been affirmed as a global partner in its field, thanks to the wide range of flexible fettling machines, robotised fettling cells, fettling cells for the automotive industry, combined fettling machines (fettling and mechanical machining), integrated fettling cells (machines and robots), turnkey plant for fettling parts weighing between 1 and 10000 kg.

Their extensive analysis of the real market needs, the vast range of applications and solutions that MAUS produces, have led to the conclusion that there is no one perfect solution to the specific production needs, that each single supplier focuses on, but there are specific production needs which need the correct solution from time to time.

In this context, fettling certain parts for their morphology, the type of burring to be removed, the position of the burring and the production requirements, can be successfully handled with fettling robots.

On the other hand, there are then types of parts that, given their shape, size and production batches, need a flexible fettling machine for the process.

The experience that MAUS has built up, beginning from its understanding of the market, has led to the affirmation that certain categories of parts are suitable for robots and others find the ideal solution with a combination of the two technologies: robots and flexible fettling machines.

MAUS in fact offers both robotised fettling cells and integrated fettling cells (machines and robots), confirming the validity of its complete range of products and solutions for automatic fettling, with the awareness of an Italian manufacturer who does not just supply its own solution, but the right solution for the specific needs of each customer, with the only real aim of guaranteeing parts production at extremely competitive prices.

During the 2011 GIFA Trade Fair, MAUS will be exhibiting: a robotised cell , comprising a robot for fettling parts up to 500 kg and a SAM 300 fettling machine, designed for the job foundries market which needs very competitive production of small-medium volume batches with a unit weight up to 30 kg. SAM 300 is the smallest in the famous line of MAUS flexible fettling machines, which are highly appreciated by the market thanks to their exceptional flexibility, which is also guaranteed by the automatic pallet change device, and allows automatic fettling of the widest range of sizes and weights of parts and different types of machining.

At GIFA 2011, MAUS will also present combined fettling and mechanical machining processes, aimed at adding value to its products and machining solutions for parts such as disc brakes, drums, hubs, etc.

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