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MCC 2013 – Metal Casting Conference in South Africa

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Great concept, interesting papers, beautiful venue, charming hospitality and a tough schedule, that was the overwhelming impression of about 200 delegates joining the MCC.

May be it was a creative idea to gather foundry experts from South African foundries, universities and suppliers together with professionals from all over the world in a “bush lodge” surrounded by wild animals. So nobody escaped and the intensity of exchange and discussion was remarkable. The concept of MCC following the BRICS Conference meant, that the participants remained together and guaranteed a great audience for every speaker.

For sure South Africa is not a leading producer of castings, but the challenges in foundry industry are comparable with the rest of the world and they also have real potentials and advantages.

Starting with a Think Tank about current changes in the foundry industry, we had the chance to profit from excellent papers presented by suppliers to the industry, universities, scientists and foundrymen.

We like to invite you to have a look to the survey of the topics. If you are interested in more information, please get in contact and ask for the reports.

Dr. Shawn Cunningham

Adrie El Mohamadi - Project Leader NFTN



Metal Casting Conference Papers

Plenary Session: Keynote Address
Global Metalcasting: A Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare spada.php download>Opens external link in new windowAlfred Spada - Director of Marketing, Communications and PR, American Foundry Society, USA

Insights from Connecting Foundries to Markets and Buyers
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare cunningham.php download file>Initiates file downloadDr Shawn Cunningham - Process Facilitator and Partner, Mesopartner (PartG), South Africa

The Foundry Industry: A Supply Chain Analysis
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare turner.php download file>Initiates file downloadAndrew Turner - Eur Ing FICME, General Secretary of The World Foundry Organisation

A Perspective on Zinc Casting Alloys: Past Successes, Present Situation and Future Challenges
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare hope.php download file>Initiates file downloadDuncan Hope, Project Manager, CSIR MSM on behalf of Dr Frank Goodwin
International Zinc Association, Durham, North Carolina, USA

Engineering and Organisational Work, Planning and Control Method to Obtain Solutions for Waste Foundry Sands in Brazil - (BRICS Presentation)
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare garcia.php download file>Initiates file downloadFabio Garcia Filho - Engineer and Environment Director, Brazilian Foundry Association - ABIFA

Lower your Cost per Casting by Precise Moulding with the DISA MATCH Machine
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare wolff.php download file>Initiates file downloadBo Wolff Haugbølle - Product Manager MATCH, Denmark

Plenary Session: Keynote Address
Solutions for Waste in the Foundry Sector
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare dungan.php download file>Initiates file downloadDr Robert Dungan - Research Soil Scientist, Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory U.S. Department of Agriculture, USA

Higher Economic Efficiency in Melting through Modern Induction Technology
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare rische.php download file>Initiates file downloadDr Marco Rische - ABP Induction Systems GmbH, Germany

The High Temperature Behaviour of Bentonite Bonded Sands
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare polzin.php download file>Initiates file downloadDr Hartmut Polzin - TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Gießerei-Institut, Germany

Material and Energy Efficiency in Foundries: The Use of Material Flow Cost Accounting as a Tool
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare godschalk.php download file>Initiates file downloadSeakle Godschalk - Executive Director: Environmental & Sustainability Solutions, South Africa

Plenary Session: Keynote Address
Foundrybench: Energy Efficiency in Foundries
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare wolff2.php download file>Initiates file downloadDr.-Ing Horst Wolff - Managing Director, Institut für Giessereitechnik GmbH, Germany

How your Induction Melt Shop can Survive the Power Crisis
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare keshecki.php download file>Initiates file downloadRobert Keshecki - Sales Manager, Inductotherm Corporation, USA

Process Optimisation and Demand Side Management Technique: A Step Towards Green Foundries
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare arjunwadkar.php download file>Initiates file downloadSham Arjunwadkar - Representative of India to the 3rd BRICS Foundry Forum

Modified Cone Jolt Testing for Green Sand Control
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare ramrattan.php download file>Initiates file downloadDr Sam Ramrattan - Professor, Western Michigan University, USA

Sand Reclamation: What are your Options?
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare fenyes.php download file>Initiates file downloadMark Fenyes, MICME Prof I.eng - Omega Foundry Machinery Limited, United Kingdom

Foundry, Human Civilisation & Social Development
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare lixin.php download file>Initiates file downloadZhao Lixin - Representative of China to the 3rd BRICS Foundry Forum

Software for Optimisation of Raw Material in Casting
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare correa.php download file>Initiates file downloadAlberto Correa - General Manager, AMV Soluciones, Spain

Plenary Session: Keynote Address
Developments in the Foundry Sector in the United States of America
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare harris.php download file>Initiates file downloadBrad Harris - Director of Quality, Bremen Castings, USA

Syncarb Z2 Crucible
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare heumannskaemper.php download file>Initiates file downloadDr Dieter Heumannskaemper - Technology Manager, Morgan MMS GmbH, Germany

Advanced Vacuum Precision Casting Furnaces and Processes
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare jarczyk.php download file>Initiates file downloadGeorg Jarczyk - Sales Director, ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Germany

The Cost of Quality: Elements of Cleaner Production in Foundries
<link fileadmin templates brics_formulare bhero.php download file>Initiates file downloadDr Shepherd Bhero - Senior Lecturer, University of Johannesburg, South Africa