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ME-METALS - informing website about mines, metals, ferrous and non-ferrous in the Middle East

ME-METALS, the leading website and a virtual place for mines, metals, ferrous and non-ferrous products, technologies and investments in the Middle East

This website has been launched recently in 2008 and offers the ideal platform to participate in the growing market of the Middle East in the above-mentioned field of activities.

As one of the series of global informing website, ME-METALS will focus on the dynamic perspectives of the mines, metals, ferrous and non-ferrous industries in the Middle East, bringing together global suppliers of products and technology with international buyers and regional investors.

ME-METALS is the perfect virtual place for companies that provide raw material, machinery, equipment, processing, technology, engineering, services and related products in the mines, metals, ferrous and non-ferrous industries.

ME-METALS hereby cordially invite you to register in the website because it will make a significant contribution to promotion of the before-mentioned industries.

ME-METALS is the place to be ! 

Middle East is the optimal geographical meeting point for international business and this will be obvious at ME-METALS in the mines, metals, ferrous and non-ferrous industries. So, please do not hesitate to register in ME-METALS, if your business objectives include :

  • Strengthening strategic relationships and partnerships with other companies in the manufacturing and sales chain.
  • Improving performance levels in terms of quality and quantity in an equal competition with each other.
  • Showing the latest and modern technologies that your company supplies or decide to reach them.
  • Confronting mines, metals, ferrous and non-ferrous users with various industries.
  • Significantly increasing sales and production figures.

Ultimately, building on the great success of your high quality production, technology and services, ME-METALS will increase your productivity and also improve your marketing in the Middle East.

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