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Measuring temperature precisely

New measuring instrument testo 720


Measuring temperature in laboratories and industry

testo 720 is the single channel measuring instrument for demanding measurements in the laboratory and in industry. The Pt 100 sensor used enables a broad range of temperature measurement from –100 to +800 °C.

Probes for all uses
Air probes, immersion/penetration probes and surface probes can be attached to the thermometer for different measuring tasks. The glass-coated immersion/penetration probe was developed especially for laboratory use. The glass tube protects the probe from aggressive media.

Further uses and documentation.
The large illuminated display shows the current measurement. Continuous minimum and maximum values can additionally be displayed. An acoustic alarm sounds when limit values are exceeded during measurement. The Auto-hold function recognizes a stable end value and fixes it in the display automatically. The length of time, for which a temperature value must remain stable, is adjustable.
The manageable Testo report printer can be used to document measurements. The proof of temperature is thus traceable. The thermo paper available enables legible long-term measurement documentation for up to ten years.

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