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Meggatech presents injectors for pressure casting

Meggatech presents a line of injectors for pressure casting at FENAF 2009, as per a recent partnership signed with Zitai, a traditional manufacturer of injector machines from Taiwan.

The Zitai Injectors are equipped with a cold chamber for 100 to 1750 t. They are made with advanced technology especially with regard to the electronic and hydraulic parts, are robust and guarantee excellent operational performance and a long useful life. In pressure casting, Zitai Injectors are mainly used in the casting of aluminum parts, much used in the automobile and electro-electronic industries.

The Injectors technical characteristics include: closed circuit control system with continuous feedback parameters for data, self-diagnosis, correction and automatic monitoring of injection, feeding, extraction, lubrication and injection graph controls; models available with injection speeds of 0.05 to 8.0 m/s and extraction of the column with a movement sensor, among others.


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