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META-ZEL Ltd, is a die-casting foundry specializing in making and processing aluminum and zinc alloy castings.


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META-ZEL Ltd die-casting foundry also offers services in the field of technical and process engineering documentation, performing mechanical properties and chemical composition metal testing, as well as linear and angular measurements. We offer casts in their raw state or after machining to specification or from prototypes.

Castings up to 4.5 kg are made of aluminum and zinc alloys in horizontal, cold chamber die-casting machines of IDRA, ITALPRESSE manufacture of locking force of 160 through 560 tonnes. The temperature of the casting dies is stabilized by heating and cooling device.

At casting process, automatic ACHESON die spraying system is employed, as well automatic pouring, casting ejection (ABB robots) and flash removal. All the latest technology is used to improve the durability of forming surfaces of dies, which enhances their operational characteristics.

Our die-casting foundry was established by separating it from ZELMER company – a leading Polish manufacturer of domestic appliances. We have a 40-year experience in making casts for automotive, chemical, electrical engineering, catering business and domestic appliance machinery.

There are 5 reasons why it is worth collaborating with us:

Ø     low prices,

Ø     quality (Health and Safety  certificates, implemented Integrated Management Quality System),

Ø     complete services from a mould to a ready-made product,

Ø     time lines in realizing accepted orders,

Ø     flexibility in action and openness to new propositions.

Thanks to our long experience in a foundry business we can guarantee our customers a top quality of our products at moderate and competitive prices. We can prove it!!! Please let us know what details you are interested in and we will estimate the price.

We can guarantee the stability of our prices to a specified level on a strict period of time with a confirmation in writing!!!

We would like to invite you to cooperation because we are sure we are able to meet your expectations, even the most demanding ones. We are open and ready for new challenges. Because we received the subvention from POIG 4.4 Innovative Economy we are ready for cooperation with a potential client on implementing new purchasing investment projects in a new foundry building located in a Special Economic Zone.

If you are interested in our offer, we are ready to answer every question or meet to discuss a potential project which will bring profits to mutual sides.



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