METAL - Cutting-edge foundry technologies at Targi Kielce in September 2018

The International Fair of Technologies for Foundry METAL is Central and Eastern Europe’s largest industry event which also enjoys global recognition. The event is held in alternate years, each expo edition brings together an extensive groups of exhibitors from all corners of the world. They showcase the cutting-edge technologies and latest developments to business-insider visitors. The METAL Expo and the accompanying trade-shows: ALUMINUM & NONFERMET, RECYCLING and the debut HEAT TREATMENT EXPO are held from 25 to 27 September 2018 in Targi Kielce.

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This year's METAL has a chance to make history of the Polish and global industry. The World Foundry Congress (23 to 25 September) held under the banner of the “Creative Foundry” is held in Krakow parallel to the Targi Kielce Industrial Autumn It is worth remembering that it has been a quarter of a century since the World Foundry Organization (WFO) members visited Poland in order to attend the Congress. 

Targi Kielce is the Silver Sponsor of the Congress. For years Targi Kielce has supported the Technical Association of Polish Foundrymen (STOP).  The close cooperation between Kielce exhibition and congress centre and STOP results in the fact that the Congress off-site session will be held in Targi Kielce on September 26. 400 delegates will make a tour over the METAL, ALUMINUM & NONFERMET, RECYKLING and HEAT TREATMENT EXPOS.  This year's "Industrial Autumn" will use the total of 9,000 square meters as the exhibition space. 

New at the "2018 Industrial Autumn"  
In 2018 Targi Kielce's expo cluster is expanded to include the Metals Heat Treatment Expo (HEAT TREATMENT). The debut expo is targeted at a broad-scope of companies which professionally deal with metals heat treatment and heating devices.  The new trade show organised by Targi Kielce is a unique event for this part of Europe. Foreign companies are offered a chance to enter this part of Europe's market and roll-out new products in Poland's dynamically developing market. The companies which have been here for years have the opportunity to strengthen their recognition and market position.  

A special COOPERATION Zone is to be held for the first time as a part of the foundry and metallurgy expo cluster - the idea’s objective is to build long-term relations between the events participants  and therefore facilitate cooperation between entrepreneurs and produce positive business effects.  The COOPERATION Zone is targeted at the services business sector: foundries, toolmakers shops, foundry moulding shops, pattern-shops, forging shops, steelworks and mechanical plants which offer all kinds of services including: casts preparation and processing, design and prototyping services. Companies from broadly defined sub-contractor business are also welcome to join the event. 

The upcoming "Industrial Autumn" will also include a thematic section dedicated to metal 3D printing.   Several rapid prototyping and metal printing companies will make presentations which address the needs of the foundry industry and business sector. 

Pressure die-casting machines, components and raw materials on display at the Kielce expo. 
Each Targi Kielce expo brings together key-machines manufacturers, first and foremost the pressure-casting machine providers. Many companies showcase peripherals and spare parts for foundry equipment.  The pressure casting market has seen a dynamic development and has therefore demonstrated a high demand for supreme quality pressure castings. The automotive industry has demonstrated top demand. This therefore offers great opportunities for machine manufacturers and their customers. 

The expo is also a showcase for a comprehensive offer of components and raw materials for foundry.  There are also companies which offer separation technologies, mixing and dispensing devices, chemical agents, metal alloys refiners and  modifiers as well as metal-mould coatings, lubricants and hydraulic fluids. 

The comprehensive offer on show also includes air purification and filtering devices for casting facilities.  There expo presentation cannot not fall short of computer-aided castings technologies, measuring, analysis, and control systems. 

Foreign guests and important meetings 
METAL expo is a truly global event, following many years tradition, this year's edition will also host numerous foreign representatives, including delegates from China, Italy, Ukraine, Belarus or Russia  

The foundry event organisers have arranged a match-making session with prospective contractors and business-partners from Eastern Europe. The expo programme includes group presentations of Belarusian companies under the auspices of the Belarusian Association of Foundrymen and Metallurgists;  for the first time Targi Kielce hosted the representation of Association of Foundrymen and Metallurgists of the Republic of Belarus  at 2016's event.  

"This event made it possible for us to establish valuable business contacts, like the one with the Krakow Foundry Research Institute. The has been a top-quality event, professional and comfortable. I wish to express my gratitude for that," said Yury Nikalaichyk, the President of the Belarusian foundry association recapitulated his stay in Poland.

Mr. Maurizio Sala, President of the Italian Foundry Suppliers' Association AMAFOND, confirmed his and the Association’s presence at the 2018 METAL Expo.

The September exhibition abounds with interesting meetings, including those which focus upon the Italian foundry market. The "Foundry 4.0: the best solutions from Italy" seminar is held on 26 September.  Technologies and foundry-business offer will be presented by the AMAFOND association and Italian companies: FATA ALUMINIUM, FOUNDRY ECOCER, IDRA, IECI, ITALPRESSE, MAGALDI, OMSG, PRIMAFOND, SAVELLI, VIBROPROCESS.

Companies from the Middle Kingdom 
The China Foundry Association will again be the guest of honour at the Kielce foundry expo.  According to the CAEF 2014 report (the European Foundry Industry), China is the global casting leader.  In 2014, China’s share in the global foundry market reached 44%. The participation of Chinese companies and the China Foundry Association is a very important issue for the Poland’s industry  as Poland has become an important communication and logistics hub for the whole Eurasia.  Under the China Foundry Association’s umbrella,  Asian companies are more and more active participants of the "Industrial Autumn". 

This year's event is in line with this tradition.  The China Foundry Association will be represented by Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, the CFA vice president and secretary general, Gao Wei, deputy secretary general of the CFA and Li Mengmeng, the CFA project manager.  

METAL enjoys professional support
What is extremely important for the METAL expo organisation is the professional support of the partners.  For years Targi Kielce has been supported by the Scientific and Industrial Council and the Business Council. 

Their Councils’ role for the event was also emphasized by Dr. Andrzej Mochoń, Targi Kielce president, in his speech at the previous METAL expo in 2016: "Owing to this help, Kielce Foundry Expo has become advanced to become one of the most significant exhibitions is this part of Europe.  We are truly grateful - our joint efforts comprehensively promote Polish foundry development."

The METAL expo enjoys important auspices 
The 2018 METAL expo has been granted the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology.  The auspices of the Ministry is a true appreciation for the organisers of this important event, a very significant point on the global foundry business map. 

The Foundry Planet portal is a strategic media partner of the METAL expo. Thomas Fritsch, the portal CEO and a highly valued foundry specialist, also intends to make a visit to Poland and tour the METAL expo.   

The presence of the whole array of top-class companies, business-insiders, customers, and representatives of the foundry business-sector and outside, B2B and match-making meetings, conferences, seminars, the off-site session of the Krakow 73rd World Congress of Foundry "Creative Foundry" held in Targi Kielce, numerous foreign guests and a whole array of important accompanying and fringe events!  This year's METAL held from 25 to 27 September 2018 has the chance to go down in history of the foundry world.

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