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Metallurgia 2008 exceeds the exhibitor’s expectations

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The fair should generate 400 million in business in up to one year after the event

More than 20 thousand people visited the booths of the 400 exhibitors at the sixth Metalurgia - International Trade Show Metalurgia of Technology for Foundry, Siderurgy, Forging, Aluminum and Services. There was an increase of 20% in the number of visitors from other states, compared to the previous event. The exhibitors also had visits from professionals from several countries, mainly Latin Americans. The main ones were Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico and Italy.

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The result is the generation of business in excess of R$ 400 million, that should be consolidated within a year after the event. According to data published during the event by the president of Abifa, Devanir Brichesi, the sector should invest more than R$ 1.5 billion until 2012, increasing the production capacity by about one million tons. "The investments have been made by companies from all sectors of the productive chain of the foundry industry, together with  the growth of the economy, which are responsible for the business generated at Metalurgia", said Luiz Roberto Lepeltier, Director of Messe Brasil, the organizer of this event.

The expectations for Metalurgia 2010, besides increasing the infrastructure at the exhibition center, is that the fair will be even bigger, following the growth trend in the sector. "To do this we intend to shorten the distance to the exhibitors and to develop even more contact with the visitors, always with the objective of increasing the representativeness of the sector", Lepeltier concluded.

Deals Closed.

The personnel responsible for the exhibiting companies confirmed the numbers published by Messe Brasil. This is the case of Rossil from Joinville. "We came back to the fair because the results in 2006 were very good. This year we had visits from professionals from all over Brazil and Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. Both the exhibitors and the visitors came to the fair in the search for new technologies to improve processes and products", guarantees João Pedro Rodrigues, Director of Rossil.

For Hunter the balance was also positive. "We did deals at the fair and I am sure that our investment was very positive. We had visitors from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela", said Cláudio Bell, Business Director. By the evaluation of Fred Ziegler, General Director of EKW-Ziegler, Metalurgia was very good, with a specialized public, made up of entrepreneurs and engineers. "We had visitors from Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Italy and Germany. Our expectation is to increase revenue by 20% over the next 12 months because of the fair. We will certainly be back at the fair in 2010", guaranteed Ziegler. 

Foseco exceeded its expectations. "Joinville is a very strong metallurgical pole and the Metalurgia event is the second largest fair in this sector in Brazil. On the first day of the event, which keeps on growing, we were surprised by the number of visitors", said Ernesto Coppo Rauter. For Joern Schmidt, director of Magma, Engenharia do Brasil the Metalurgia event has turned into a large Brazilian fair, we made many good contacts and increased the relationships with customers from companies around the area. The fair is a great opportunity for companies to show and to follow the growth of the processes and the tools used in the foundry chain", said Schmidt.

Cintec brought together great names such as Abifa, Anfavea and Sindipeças at Metalurgia 2008.

CINTEC - FOUNDRY - Congress of Technological Innovation - a parallel event to Metalurgia 2008 closed on Friday (09/12), in Joinville, had the participation of representatives from Abifa, Anfavea and Sindipeças. Devanir Brichesi - the President of Abifa, talked about the outlook for the foundry business in Brazil; The Vice President of Anfavea,  Luiz Moan Yabiku Jr., (and also vice-president of GM)  talked about the future of the Brazilian automobile industry and the engineer Ali El Hage, a Sindipeças Board Member, approached the vision of the auto parts sector under the impact of new technologies. The event was followed by a debate which was attended by entrepreneurs from Santa Catarina, amongst them Udo Döhler - President of the Joinville Business Association(Acij) and Moacir Bogo, from the Gidion / Verdes Mares group.

Devanir Brichesi, from Abifa, explained that Brazil has all of the basic raw material requirements to be a leading foundry country. According to him, Brazil is the seventh largest producer of iron in the world and the largest customer, absorbing 51%, in the auto-making sector. Between 2001 and 2008, Brazilian industry grew three times more than the GDP. Brichesi highlighted the importance of the industry in Santa Catarina – responsible for an average of 24% of Brazilian production - just behind São Paulo, with 36% and Minas Gerais, with 25%.

The Anfavea vice-president, Luiz's Moan Yabiku Jr. said that Brazil is the world’s seventh largest producer in the auto industry and that in 2008 it should move up the ranking, overtaking France. The Brazilian automobile industry today has 25 automakers, 500 components companies and 4.100 dealerships, employing about 1.3 million direct and indirect employees. The taxes generated last year were R$ 32.8 billion (IPI, ICMS, PIS, COFINS).


The  manager of research and development at the Santa Catarina Educational Society (Sociesc), Marcos Balzer, highlighted the participation of 400 people in the Congress, amongst the mini-courses and technical lectures that were held as a part of Cintec. According to him, the debate on Friday showing the trends in the foundry sector for the automobile industry shows the consonance of the fair with the Congress that, as well a showing the Brazilian case, offered two international lectures. For the chemical engineer and head of the technical division of the War Arsenal of the Brazilian Army, Márcio Amir Baldêz of Silva, from General Câmara (RS), who attended all the lectures and mini-courses at Cintec, the event offered a very high level of quality. Together, with the army engineer Masurquede of Azevedo Coimbra, he highlighted the lectures given by the technical people from WEG and Dr. Edson Paladini, from the UFSC, who talked about the administration of quality in the production processes.

Opening Ceremony

Metalurgia 2008 is ready to open

When presidents meet: from left Devanir Brichesi ( ABIFA ), Luiz Tarquinio Sardinha Ferro (TUPY) and director Luiz Roberto Lepeltier (MESSE BRASIL)

A big crowd of visitors wants to get in the show

Opening ceremony

Luiz Tarquinio Sardinha Ferro gets an award from Devanir Brichesi

Hot dancing

ABIFA - Weber is everywhere…

TUPY - big cars, lovely girls


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