Metalurgia 2008 has grown 40% and it will be the biggest fair in the sector this year

The event will have 350 Brazilian and International exhibitors and promises good business perspectives.

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The sixth Metalurgia - International Trade Show of Technology for Foundry, Siderurgy, Forging, Aluminum and Services - will be take place in Joinville, Santa Catarina, form September 9 to September 12. The Metalurgia 2008 event, organized by Messe Brasil, has the support of the Brazilian Foundry Association (Abifa), Brazilian Machinery Manufacturers Association (Abimaq) and the Brazilian Autoparts Manufacturers Association (Sindipeças). This is the main event in the Brazilian metallurgy sector this year, the fair has shown an increase of 40% compared to the last event, which reflects the good performance of the sector at the moment.
According to information from Abifa (Brazilian Foundry Association), between January and May of this year, Brazil produced 1,436,316 tons of castings, 10.3% more than in the same period of last year. In the Southern part of the country, the rate of growth was 12.7%. The number of Brazilians employed in the sector increased by 5.7%. The export of castings were responsible for sales of more than $590 million dollars in the first five months of 2008, which represents a growth of 7.1%, compared to the same period of 2007.

Metalurgia 2008 is held every two years, and it is characterized by business opportunities, new technologies and professional recycling and it will reunite Brazilian and foreign exhibitors from all sectors of the production chain of the foundry industry. Amongst the 350 exhibitors at Metalurgia 2008, 20% are taking part for the first time. "In 2006, the fair exceeded the expectations of the exhibitors and 92% of them renewed their areas", commented Richard Spirandelli, marketing manager from Messe Brasil, the event’s organizer. The highlight of the event is the increase in the number of manufacturers of aluminum parts and aluminum recyclers. “There will also be exhibitors showing specific software for the foundry area, and a large number of oven manufactures”, said Richard.

Hugo Ferreira, regional director of Sindipeças, said that Metalurgia 2008 has become a learning opportunity and it enables the strengthening of the knowledge relating to new technologies. "Our associates can discover new products, the services that are available and activities from the cutting edge of this segment. The companies in the autoparts sector use the services of the metallurgies intensely. Therefore, this closeness is fundamental for both parties", he declared.

Learning and technology together in the Cintec Fundição

In parallel with the fair, IST/Sociesc – The Educational Society of Santa Catarina is holding Cintec Foundry 2008 - Technological Innovation Congress. The event will show its differentiated mechanisms for the transfer of technology, increasing the relationship between company professionals and universities, so society´s requirements with education and technology may be quickly and flexibly answered.

In this year’s program, there will be lectures from Wilson Luiz Guesser, from Tupy, André Luiz Vasconcellos from Costa e Silva, from the Brazilian Institute of Nuclear Quality (IBQN) and Amilton Sinatora, from the University of São Paulo/USP. The international speakers will be Robert Neumann, from Senior Consulting Engineer, and Carsten Muller, of LAEMPE, simultaneous translation will be available.

One of the innovations for this year’s Congress  is the debate that will be held on September 12 by speakers Devanir Brichesi, president of Abifa (Brazilian Foundry Association), Luiz Moan Yabiku Jr., vice-president of Anfavea (National Association Auto Manufacturers) and a director of GM Brazil, and Ali El Hage, Sindipeças board member (Brazilian Autoparts Manufacturers Association).

Besides the technical lectures to be held in Expoville, Cintec will offer six mini courses at Sociesc, Campus Marquês of Olinda. Among them they are Re-crystallization of Legal Metals, Thermal Treatment for Special Topics of the Thermal Treatment of Metals, Simulation of Metallurgy Process, Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Materials, Analysis of Flaws and the Introduction to Refractory´s.

In the lectures schedules, topics such as the environment, control of processes, cast iron, administration, energy, trends, defects, non-ferrous, special alloys, simulation and modeling, core making/molding, thermal treatments, testing, equipments, refractory’s, mechanical shaping, welding, biomechanics. The matrix of the topics is the result of debates between representatives of companies and Sociesc.

Abifa will hold a Plenary at Metalurgia 2008

Abifa - Brazilian Foundry Association will hold its Managements Plenary Meeting in Joinville, during Metalurgia 2008. This monthly encounter is part of the official calendar of the entity and it reunites members, guests and employees of the entity. The meeting, to be held on the 10th, will be coordinated by the president of Abifa, Devanir Brichesi, and it will debate important topics relating to the sector, such as the financial scenario, environment and the raw materials situation.

The Joinville has one of the largest GDP´s in the country

Holding of Metalurgia 2008 in Joinville, in the North of Santa Catarina, is strategic. It is the most populous and industrialized town in the state and it is responsible for about 20% of the exports from Santa Catarina and it lies in 20th position in the ranking of Brazilian exports, and had a 1.05% slice of the total, in 2007.  With volume of revenue generated for the public coffers was just less than the state capitals; Porto Alegre (RS) and Curitiba (PR), Joinville lies in the fifteen largest collectors of municipal, state and federal duties and taxes.

The per capita Gross domestic product of Joinville is also one of the largest in the country: in 2007 it was R$ 15,388.00. The 1,602 manufacturing industries in the town, employ more than 64 thousand people and this number grows, on average, 5.67% each year. The city concentrates a large part of the financial activity on industry - that generates sales of US$ 14.8 billion per year – mainly in the metal/mechanical, textile, plastic, metallurgy, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Metalurgia 2008 - International Trade Show of Technology for Foundry, Siderurgy, Forging, Aluminum and Services
Date: from 9 September to 12 September
Time: from 2 pm to 9 pm
Event Location: Expoville Megacenter (Rua XV de Novembro, 4305 - Joinville - SC)
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Event Organization: Messe Brasil Feiras e Promoções Ltda


CINTEC 2008 Fundição – Congress of Technological Innovation
Date: from 9 September to 12 September
Technical Lectures
Times – from 2 pm to 7 pm
Event Location: Expoville Auditorium 
Organization & Realization: IST/Sociesc – Educational Society of Santa Catarina
Tel.: +55 47 3461-0160
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