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Metef & Foundeq 2008 - exhibition preview

Main novelties include an enhanced area dedicated to finishing and a non-competitive show for castings and extrusions

Montichiari (Brescia) from 9th to 12th April 2008 - This edition promises to be even richer in novelties and its contents in order to maintain the interest and meet the needs of exhibiting companies and the thousands of operators who visit the pavilions of the event every edition.

The traditional areas of diecasting, foundry and extrusion are gaining wide-reaching international consensus, to a greater extent than expected. All the most important constructors of diecasting machines - Bühler, Colosio, Frech, Idra, Italpresse - have renewed their presence, as have the main producers of machinery, equipment and products for gravity casting and low-pressure, reconfirming Metef-Foundeq as one of the reference events of the foundry industry. But also the most important names in the extrusion sector will be at Metef, such as Romidot, SAG, Comexale, Tecalex, Metra, and, among the aluminium suppliers, Hydro Aluminium Metal Products, Dubal and Aluminium Rheinfelden.


Finishing area
Great success is being achieved by the new initiatives launched by the organizers of Metef-Foundeq, like the upgrading of the area dedicated to finishing, developed in collaboration with Finitura & Oltre, a successful show dedicated to finishing and surface technologies promoted by UCIF, the National Union of Finishing Plant Constructors, and organised by Promexpo.
Stefano Zanolini, head of organisation of Metef, explains: “In view of the success achieved in 2006, in 2008 the Salon dedicated to finishing will become Metef with Finitura & Oltre, a development resulting from an important agreement defined with the organisers of Finitura & Oltre exhibition”.

Castings and extrusions on display
One significant novelty of Metef-Foundeq is the greater attention to semis – castings and extrusions – to which ad hoc initiatives are dedicated within the event.
Mario Conserva, Managing Director of Edimet, explains: “as of 2008, Metef-Foundeq will extend the traditional offer which has been founded on machinery, plants, equipment and products for the transformation and machining of metal, to semis - castings and extrusions - to which the non-competitive Casting Show, Diecasting Show and Extrusion Show are dedicated. In this way, Metef-Foundeq closes the circle, meeting the compartment’s need to find technology and components brought together in a single event”.
The Shows aim to exploit the best of domestic and international production, with special attention to uses in transport, the mechanical engineering industry, furnishing and building, in terms of both performance and design.

Participants in the show will enjoy a high level of visibility thanks to the strong attraction exerted by Metef-Foundeq, bringing together every two years almost 20,000 visitors to the pavilions of the Garda Exhibition Centre.
Each company can take part in the shows with a maximum of:
- 4 diecastings in the Diecasting Show;
- 4 gravity castings (in all types of metal/ferrous and non ferrous alloys) in the Casting Show;
- 4 aluminium extrusions in the Extrusion Show.
The components will be assessed and selected by a Technical Commission.

Updating on foundry technologies at HTDC conference
In 2008 the initiatives which, at each edition, accompany the exhibition side of Metef-Foundeq, will include the fourth edition of the International Conference HTDC–High Tech Die Casting – which over the years has become one of the most important events in the sector of light alloy foundry.
The conference, which will be held on 9th and 10th April, will cover all the topics relating to casting processes (gravity, low and high pressure) for aluminium and magnesium based alloys.
The event, organised by the Italian Metallurgical Association (AIM), will provide an overview of all the main scientific and technological innovations at international level, with contributions by qualified experts from both the academic and industrial worlds.

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