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The Gulf Aluminium Council supports METEF 2014

“The Gulf Aluminium Council represents the aluminium industry in the Gulf area – says Mahmood Daylami, General Secretary of GAC - and this is why it considers Metef a good chance to promote our developments and strategies by the global aluminium system. This major Italian expo has always been interesting for leading producers of primary aluminium in the GAC who have successfully participated to this event as exhibitors over the years. On the other hand, the GAC shares the same interests with several of Metef’s target companies, all those small and medium European processing enterprises that consider the Gulf’s primary industry as the most convenient or rather the single procurement source of quality commodity. The situation is nowadays complicated by the European customs duty applied to the metal coming from our plants, and this is absolutely unreasonable to the detriment of extruders, rolling mills and casters within the European Union. We’re working to eliminate this customs barrier jointly with the downstream industry traditionally present at Metef. The GAC took an active participation to Metef 2012 for the Extrusion Forum, a very interesting experience that will possibly be proposed in 2014, too. Most of our members in the extrusion sector appreciate Metef as one of the major international exhibitions to follow and visit for what concerns machinery, equipment, advanced technologies and systems. I believe they will be even more interested in next year’s show thanks to Alumotive and its focus on the transport industry, very important for the extrusion sector. We fully support Metef because it represent the aluminium downstream business that leads the way worldwide and that we’re interested in developing closer relationships with, from procurement to research and communication, in order to protect and promote aluminium and its applications.”

NoX, IDRA’s technology for high-integrity castings

The NoX technology developed by Idra meets the needs of lightweight diecastings with high mechanical requirements using aluminium alloys for new automotive applications that cannot be obtained with the traditional diecasting processing. The NoX (No Oxide) machine series exploits the high vacuum technology inside the die cavity to avoid oxidation of the alloy during transfer from the holding furnace to the hot sleeve. Parts produced with the NoX technology are also characterized by the absence of air and gas inclusions generated by the releasing agent in the casting. These parts are produced at competitive costs and have high casting integrity suitable for the T6 heat treatment with several alloys and welding.
As a high-integrity casting technology, NoX is recommended for thin wall car frames, while for thick wall castings, Idra proposes the SSR technology, using alloys in the solidification range and allowing to produce typical-gravity castings at competitive costs.
Attention at Idra’s stand during METEF 2014 will be focussed on the NoX technology. Idra confirms its presence at the exhibition in Verona because, as General Manager Riccardo Ferrario says, it is “a major showcase for the foundry industry and the related sector.”

EnginSoft at METEF 2014

EnginSoft will be at next METEF with its 30-year experience in design chain integrated simulation and automatic streamlining for products and processes. As stressed by Key Account Manager Piero Parona, thus confirming the company’s presence at the exhibition in Verona, “the effectiveness of simulation consists in managing rapidly technical-scientific information by working on PC models that simulate properties and performance of a single part or assemblies, and their production processes. Upstream decision-making reduces development delays, analysis and modifications are made on virtual products instead of on physical ones, and a massive reduction of costs and development time is generated since prototypes and physical tests are avoided. This is why virtual experimentation becomes a necessary instrument for business intelligence and lean production to support responsible choices and coherent planning of the corporate strategies. Economic and quality payback is enormous.
In addition, the chance to combine the design process with the results of the manufacturing process simulations, such as casting or stamping processes, makes the virtual approach even more effective since it takes into account the mechanical and microstructural characteristics of the manufacturing process and heat treatment downstream products. All this is possible thanks to an interdisciplinary approach, a wide range of skills and a proven experience.”

Lt Alluminio Indinvest again at METEF

Massimo Antichi, president of Lt Alluminio Indinvest, explains the reasons for exhibiting again at METEF 2014: “We’re back at Metef after completing successfully our company’s shakeout, which has taken some years. Now we believe that the right time has come to exploit METEF as a window open onto the global market. Extrusion in Europe and in Italy is going through a long changing phase, the production and consumption poles have moved east, our overcapacity is rooted and our know-how has been badly managed. I’m not talking of extrusion, only, but of the whole cycle including machines, systems, dies, products, finishing and design. Italy, as well as other European countries, has played a major role in this production chain and we can go on this way only if we’re able to work as a system and to let our technological and organizational skills emerge on an international level. We believe METEF is a great resource to use to the advantage of the whole system. As for extruders, they will also have to change their profile, especially in southern Europe where the production is focussed on building profiles and standard sections having a low technological content and limited added value. We’re focussing on the transport sector since tomorrow’s cars will have a higher aluminium content, most of all in terms of extrusions and rolled parts. This is a demanding challenge therefore I support the choice of METEF organizers to include in the 2014 edition in Verona such a dedicated exhibition as ALUMOTIVE, expected to be the expo for the lightweight and streamlining of materials for future vehicles.”

Important sponsorship by the Region Lombardy

The Region Lombardy confirms its traditional sponsorship to METEF, an initiative having the merit of promoting the internationalization and development of the Italian manufacturing industry.
This sponsorship is a major result in terms of promotion of the exhibition on the domestic and international market.

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