MEX - Impro's Brand New Sand Casting Foundry

Impro, a leading global manufacturer of high precision, high complexity and mission-critical components for a wide array of diverse end markets, is proud to announce the impending opening of its brand new sand casting foundry located in San Louis Potosi, Mexico.

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This 596,837 square feet facility sits on more than 2,993,164 square feet of land. It offers two distinct sand casting production lines - one for Shinto automatic green sand molding for castings up to 88 lbs with an annual capacity of 5,000 tons, and another for KW static pressure green sand molding for castings 880 lbs up to with an annual capacity of 40,000 tons. Both are anticipated to open in the third quarter of 2021. In addition to sand casting it also offers capabilities like heat treatment, painting, secondary machining, cleaning and more.

All equipment in the green sand foundry were provided directly from specially selected suppliers. Production lines are now installed and used in Impro's workshop for immediate sample production in Mexico. Core technologies include both cold and hot boxes.

With regard to melting and shakeout at the green sand foundry, the equipment list includes an ABP Induction Furnace, a KW Automatic Pouring Machine and more. SinterCast technology is also employed for the purposes of CGI.

The sand foundry laboratory offers solutions for molding sand inspection, chemical analysis, and casting inspection. Mechanical property inspection and X-ray capabilities are also featured.

All told, this strategic deployment of the Impro Mexico SLP Campus allows the organization to further its mission of offering better and more holistic solutions to customers. It demonstrates Impro's commitment to building one-stop sand casting solutions in North America that include not only sand casting, secondary machining but also heat treatment and surface treatment among others, and it will enhance Impro's footprint to serve well-recognized leading customers on a global basis.

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