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Modern steel belt conveyor shot blast machine in action

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A well-known Scandinavian manufacturer of mountings, valves and electronic modules is able to look back on decades of experience in the development of mountings made of different materials. Combined with an excellent knowledge about soft and hardware this represents a solid basis for the development and manufacture of user-friendly products. The company is market leader in Scandinavia and one of the biggest manufacturer’s of mountings in Europe.

For the treatment of raw cast parts they chose an AGTOS steel belt conveyor shot blast machine type MR-270 with 2 AGTOS high performance turbines (picture 1).
The principle of steel belt conveyor shot blast machines is known as the most effective shot blast method. The work pieces to be blasted are tumbling by the moving steel belt and are thus exposed to the blast stream during the complete blast time. For automatic operation the machine is charged by a loading device (picture 2). Unloading is effected by means of a sieving conveyor chute.

Method of operation
The loading unit enables the charging of the work pieces contained in receptacles into the shot blast plant. The work pieces slide through the open loading door onto the tumble belt which is already moving forward. Afterwards the loading unit is moving back into its initial position.

The blast procedure starts after closing of the door. At the end of the pre-selected blasting time the door can be opened and the blasted work pieces are removed step-by-step by an unloading chute into customer-supplied receptacles.

The abrasive is purified and recycled for the continuous operation in a closed circuit. Here, the AGTOS magnetic separator is applied (picture 3). It separates foundry sand and abrasive in a reliable way. The abrasive-sand-mixture is separated by means of two successively installed magnetic cylinders. The abrasive is additionally cleaned with a cascade wind sifter and is separated from dust and fine grains by an air stream. Coarse blown off particles are separated by an integrated deflecting separator. The separation of bigger particles such as forge scales, burrs etc. is effected in a sieve box.

The perfectly purified abrasive falls into the successively installed abrasive silo in the lower part of the unit. Short maintenance times and fair spare part prices enable an extremely economic operation of the machine.

With this machine AGTOS was able to solve all difficulties given with the former, older machine and has fulfilled the high product-specific quality requirements.

Modern turbine technology
The AGTOS high performance turbines are known as very easy to maintain. Thanks to the fact that we are talking about a single-disc turbine wheel there are no longer any distance bolts which otherwise are usual (picture 4). The number of wear parts within the turbine wheel could thus be reduced and the operators benefit from minor maintenance costs and a better abrasive flow.

The turbine blades are easy to exchange. The mechanical abrasive pre-acceleration is done by an impeller. The dosing sleeve enables the easy adjusting of the projecting angle from outside. The turbine housing is completely made of highly wear resistant manganese hard steel and is provided with an additional robust wear lining.

Up to a certain size the AGTOS high performance turbines are driven by directly flanged rotary current motor, motor protection IP54. A special labyrinth sealing provided in the turbine housing prevents the entering of dust and abrasive into the motor bearing.

At the Scandinavian manufacturer the high performance turbines are equipped with a frequency converter so that the speed can be adjusted at the control cabinet.

With this AGTOS shot blast machine the company is able to treat the surface of its work pieces economically and thus strengthens its leading market position.

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